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Friday, February 03, 2006  

How's That for Constructive Criticism?

Joe Weaks of the Macintosh Biblioblog recently pointed his readers to this blog, but not without offering a little constructive criticism. He pointed out that we did not have a link to our RSS feed on the blog itself and suggested that we do "a little more design work" so that the blog would better match the rest of the Accordance web-site. But Joe didn't stop with making helpful suggestions; he actually took the time to develop a new template for the blog which dealt with both his suggestions. Thanks, Joe!

Oh, Joe did have one other thing to say. He said I was being "cheeky" when I wrote: "where except on the Mac can you create insanely great software?" Can you believe it? Cheeky!

Okay, maybe it was a little cheeky, but there was a reason I wrote that, and it wasn't just Mac fanaticism. I'll explain what I meant in an upcoming post. Until then, thanks again for the help, Joe.

Wow. Great job on starting a blog, and now this. I think your new layout looks great!
(Now that's being cheeky!)

The layout is improved! Now I'd prefer pop-up comments instead of the separate page and it's all perfect.

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