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Monday, February 13, 2006  

Update for Ross Hebrew -- a Confession

Our goal is always and only to produce the best, but sometimes we have to compromise our standards temporarily. When we released Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Allen P. Ross last November, it was already a year late, and we knew that it still needed quite a bit of work. It looked OK, but closer inspection revealed many scanning errors in the Hebrew accents and vowels, as well as some other problems. However, we felt it was such a valuable tool, a first year grammar and an excellent review of Hebrew grammar, that it was worth releasing despite the errors. That's my confession — we let you buy a module with known errors in it!

One of our scholars has now gone through the book with a fine-tooth comb. If any errors escaped his eagle eye, we cannot find them. We cannot wait for a new CD-ROM to release the corrected version, so it is available as a download here. If you have purchased Ross this is a free upgrade, otherwise the unlock code is only $40. I highly recommend Ross Hebrew to anyone who is studying Hebrew, or trying to use the Hebrew they once learned.

We have also posted the NIV Bible with poetic formatting and text styling, as a free upgrade for anyone with the plain NIV text module. Download it here.

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