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Friday, March 31, 2006  

More Workspace Tips

In my last post, I explained how you can combine workspaces and separate windows, or even multiple workspaces, to create custom window arrangements that work for you. I showed how you can use Detach Tab (in the Window menu) to change a tab in the Workspace into a separate window, and I showed how you can use Merge Windows to merge two windows together into multiple tabs within a single workspace. But there are a few characteristics of Workspaces which I haven't covered.

The first is that you can rearrange the order in which tabs appear in your workspace simply by dragging them from one spot to another. If you have a workspace with three tabs (A, B, and C) and you want tab C to appear between tabs A and B, simply click and hold on tab C and drag it between tabs A and B.

Seems simple enough, doesn't it? But try doing that with tabs in Safari or other web browsers that use tabs.

Now, let's say you have two workspaces, and you want to move a tab from one workspace into the other. Using our example from the previous post, you might decide you want the Scripture tab in the workspace containing BDAG to be in the workspace containing the GNT-T. No problem! Just click and hold on the tab and drag it from one workspace into the other. You just need to be sure to drag the tab into the area of the workspace where the tabs appear, and you can place it wherever you want in relation to the other tabs in that workspace.

You can duplicate a tab by choosing Duplicate Tab from the File menu (or you can use the keyboard shortcut command-D). You can duplicate an entire workspace (or any individual window) by choosing Duplicate from the File menu.

You can also duplicate tabs in a workspace by holding down the option key while dragging a tab to a different location within the current workspace. You can even option-drag a tab into a different workspace to create a copy of it there.

Once you've got your workspaces set up, you can use control-tab and shift-control-tab to cycle through the tabs in a workspace. You can also use option-tab and shift-option-tab to cycle among your various windows. And, of course, you can use command-tab to switch to another application (but why would you want to?).

Finally, you can rename any tab in the workspace by choosing Name... from the Set submenu of the Window menu (or you can use the Keyboard shortcut command-option-N).

By now, you should be veritable masters of the workspace. And mastery of the workspace will become all the more important when version 7 is released, because there will be a major new feature which uses the workspace as its basis. (Don't you just hate it when I tease you like that?)

Great stuff David... And oh the suspense for version 7 :)

Terrific David! This is great.

One of the most significant issues with Accordance is that very few people really know how to use it. Your work is a step in the right direction; the more you can help us, the more it benefits us and Accordance.

Keep the stuff coming!! Thanks and million.


Deut3221 has stated a truism about Accordance. It is richly layered and so potentially powerful, and yet much of it remains undiscovered territory.

Would you consider keeping a list of serious users who would come to an indepth multiday training event?

Accordance 7! Can't wait.

And, of course, you can use command-tab to switch to another application (but why would you want to?)

When switching between the Accordance Blog and the Accordance App!!

True enough about the tabbed browsing in all browsers except: OmniWeb!!

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