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Thursday, March 09, 2006  

Tip for Organizing Ranges

In the comments on Tuesday's post, someone suggested that we add the ability to group ranges into submenus of the Search Range pop-up menu. That's not a bad idea, and one we might consider implementing in a future rev. Until that happens (if it happens), here's a trick I use to organize my search ranges: I add divider lines to my Search range pop-up menu in order to group like ranges and make it easier for my eye to spot the range I want.

To do this, just create a new range and give it a name consisting only of dashes (e.g.: "-", "--", "---", etc.). You need to use different numbers of dashes because each range name has to be unique, and you need to give each range a definition, even though you won't actually be able to select these ranges in the menu. Once you've created these ranges and placed them where you want them to appear in the list, just click Update. Your Search range pop-up menu should now display these dummy ranges as divider lines.

Personally, I have four sections of ranges set off by divider lines: (1) Hebrew Bible/Old Testament ranges such as "Pentateuch," "Historical Books," etc. (2) New Testament ranges such as "Gospels" and "Pauline Epistles," (3) individual OT books, and finally (4) individual NT books. I place the individual books at the end of the list so that I don't have to scroll past 39 OT books just to get to my commonly used NT ranges.

I hope this is helpful to some of you. I'll try to get to Tool Sets (mentioned in another comment on that post) soon.

This post describes almost exactly what I do now, in the absence of submenus. I do it just a little bit differently: I name my divider lines things like "-- Pentateuch --" and "-- Former Prophets --" and such. In Accordance, the text doesn't show up--they're just divider lines, as described in the blog post here. However, I find that giving them these descriptive names after the hyphens helps me organize things more quickly in the ranges dialog box. Functionally it is exactly what is described in the post, but visually it helps my eye jump more quickly to the appropriate category.

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