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Friday, June 02, 2006  

Discovering Our Roots

One of the most unique features of Accordance 7 is the addition of Greek and Hebrew roots. You'll first notice this when you mouse over a word in Greek or Hebrew:

In the screenshot above, the Instant Details box lists the inflected form we've moused over, followed by the lexical form agapao, followed by the root from which that word is derived in parentheses. In this case, the root of the verb agapao is the noun agapé.

That's an interesting bit of information, but what can you do with it?

Well, the first thing we can do is to search for all words derived from a particular root. We do that by entering the plus symbol (+) followed by the root we want to find. Like this:

When we click OK, Accordance will find every word derived from the root agapé. To find out what words were found, let's Click the Details button and look at the Analysis tab:

As you can see, our search for the root agapé found the verb agapao, the noun agapé, and the adjective agapétos.

Now, the cool way to search by root is not to type it in yourself, but to select a word in a Greek or Hebrew text and then hold down the shift and option keys while clicking on the Search button of the Resource palette. For example, the first verse returned by our root search for agapé is Matthew 3:17. If you select the word eudokesa at the end of that verse and shift-option click the Search button, Accordance will automatically search for all roots from which that selected word is derived.

We've just scratched the surface of what you can do with roots. Next week, we'll build a Construct to look for agreement by root. And later, we'll use a basic root search to show off some of the new graphing features of version 7.

Please help me understand why you would want to take the time to type in +agape into the search field when you can just cntl-click on the word to search for the root and get the same search results.

Am I missing some benefit by not doing it the way you describe?


Tom, I started by explaining that you can type +agape just so that people would understand the search syntax. Then I pointed out that it is much easier to select a word and shift-option-click the search button on the Resource palette. I forgot that it's even easier still to use the new contextual menus. See there, even I'm not completely used to all the new-fangled stuff you can do with version 7!

Anyway, thanks for pointing that out!

Another advantage is combining it with other advantages of the entry box. Right-clicking the word provides very quickly just that immediate search, +agape. What if you wanted +agape (AND) theos? (correct brackets not allowed in blogger comments...) Or one of the other myriad of search options? As much as I love contextual menus (I'm finding I'm using less and less of the rest of the interface too) they are still quite limited in functionality.

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