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Friday, July 21, 2006  

Light Blogging, Heavy Loads

When I first pushed to start this blog, my employers' biggest hesitation was that I would neglect it once I got too busy. I, of course, assured them that I would not. Well, it would appear they were right, especially since a recent comment observed that "the blog has been really sparse the past few weeks."

Now, in my defense, when I started this blog, I only promised to post "two to three times a week," and to date, there has only been one week (last week) where I only posted once. So the drought hasn't been that bad. ;-) Still, I do apologize for the dearth of blog posts recently. I promise that you can expect a steady stream of new information in the coming weeks.

Okay, so what's been keeping me too busy to listen to my blogging muse? Library 7! Now that we have a new version of Accordance, we need to release new versions of our primary CD-ROM collections, and that means loads of new modules for you.

The Library CD-ROM, which is our primary source for English Bible study resources, has long been a pet project of mine. Every time we update it, I try to see how much new material we can cram in there. This time around, we've added so many new modules of such quality that I think Library 7 will prove to be one of the best Bible software values you can buy. I'll highlight some of the new modules once we're ready to release, but until then, here are some hints of what you can expect:

  • New Greek Resources. Every level of the new Library CD-ROM will include resources for digging deeper into the original Greek behind the New Testament. Until now, we've always placed English resources on the Library CD-ROM, and original language resources on the Scholar's CD-ROM. With Library 7, we're blurring the line between the two just a little—mainly to meet the needs of the pastor who requires more than Bible texts with Strong's numbers, but for whom the Scholar's CD-ROM is overkill.
  • Resources to illustrate the Bible. When I say "illustrate," I mean that both figuratively and literally. I'll leave it to you to figure out what that means.
  • New Systematic Theologies. Library 6 included Calvin's Institutes and Charles Hodge's three-volume Systematic Theology. Library 7 adds several additional works of theology from a wider range of perspectives and traditions.
  • A New Modern Translation of the Bible
  • And, of course, you can expect new commentaries, dictionaries, devotional resources, and historical works. I'm excited to tell you more about all this material, but as I said, I'd better wait until the CD-ROM is released. Don't worry, it won't be too much longer. . .


    As a regular reader I think your blogging has been very good, and I don't think you've neglected it. The frequency of your posts have been very consistent with many other blogs I read.

    Just a thought..


    Pace yourself then. Stick strictly with 2 posts a week. If you have the time/energy/inclination to produce more, you produce them, but delay their release.
    Hard to restrain youself, but you eliminate any heavy 2 lite results you're worried about.
    Still, blogdom is very forgiving about such things. The blog is fantastic, David (especially the template, hehe).
    My 2ยข

    I agree with the others. I think your quantity of posts is about right. And it's ok to miss a week, or "bulk up" in other weeks.... of course, it's far more important to get ver. 7 of the Library into my hands! Sigh. I was just about to get the Lib. 6 at long last, and now..... I think it would be better to wait.... thanks for the tantalization!


    While the blogging hasn't been too little, it's just been less than it had been, but I'd much rather have new modules more quickly than more blog entries! Me and my wallet are ready for Library 7!

    Blogging or Version 7, HHHMMM! I take Version 7 please.

    Do not get me wrong, i love the blog, but i also love the Bible software.

    I also look forward to the great information you provide. Actually I consider it a blessing. As a new user, I have learned a lot through this. Problem is that we get spoiled. Keep up the good work. May the Lord give you the wisdom and knowledge needed to continue.
    I look forward to the new version. ;-)


    While I was considering this post I was struck by the idea of having some experienced Accordance users contribute to the blog. Obviously, users may have some helpful tips and hints to offer in addition to sharing how they use Accordance. If contributes went through you first this may be a useful option. Just a thought...



    Thanks for your helpful posts. I prefer one quality post a week, over many "I have to post something" posts.


    The place where anyone can post comments is called the Forum. You are all welcome to contribute anything about Accordance there.

    The place where anyone can post comments is called the Forum."

    Really? Great, maybe I'll check it out sometime...


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