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Thursday, July 13, 2006  

Version 7.0.2 Now Available

I'm pleased to announce that a new update to Accordance 7 is now available for download. Version 7.0.2 of Accordance squashes a number of obscure bugs which have been reported over the past few weeks, and includes a few minor enhancements. You can download it here.

What's new in the update? Here's a brief summary:

Minor Enhancements:

  1. Search Commands (such as OR or AND) can now be used with extra search fields in Tools and User Tools. (This is a minor enhancement which makes for VERY powerful searches.)
  2. The asterisk (*) character is now treated as punctuation, so that it does not get included in the selection when an adjacent word is double-clicked. More importantly, it is now ignored when you Compare Texts with Ignore punctuation turned on.
  3. When using the Text Compare feature in Greek with the Ignore Upper Case option set, the final sigma differences between words are also ignored, as when comparing the Codex Bezae (GNT-BEZ) with the GNT-T module.
  4. Improved hypertexting to the Timeline.
  5. In response to user requests, the version number is no longer displayed in the Accordance menu of the menu bar. (The version number is still displayed in the OS X dock, however.)
  6. A couple of other enhancements have been made which relate to upcoming modules releases, but I can't tell you about those yet! ;-)

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed the display of the Analysis Pie Chart and Bar Chart in OS-X when the text and graphics smoothing option is turned off in the Appearance pane in the Preferences dialog. (Since I never have text smoothing turned off, I have no idea what this bug was all about, but hey, it's on the list!)
  2. Fixed crash that can occur when all texts are in folders, and a saved parallel window is opened.
  3. Fixed crash that occurs when selecting the Amplify>Context menu item with a Tool or User Tool as the front window.
  4. Fixed the margins of the User Tools Edit windows so that the text lines up with the left title markers.
  5. Fixed Instant Details display of a Scripture reference in a User Notes window when the Show All Text option is off.
  6. When a Search Window has a User Notes pane that is selected, typing in the lower right Reference box no longer causes the selected User Notes pane to open its Edit User Notes window.
  7. Fixed some minor printing and copying issues.

There are about eight or nine other bug fixes listed, but honestly, they're all too obscure to be worth mentioning and too hard to explain. Suffice it to say that there are lots of little ways this update to Accordance will improve your life!

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