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Monday, August 21, 2006  

Inexpensive Atlas Sampler

What do you do when you upgrade a product that still blows away anything else out there? This is the question we've been asking ourselves ever since we upgraded the Accordance Bible Atlas earlier this year.

We first released the Atlas back in 1998, when Accordance was at version 3.5, yet as late as November 2005 at the ETS and SBL conferences, our aging Atlas was still turning heads and causing jaws to drop. That's because in those seven years, no one on any platform had released a Bible Atlas even remotely comparable.

In spite of this, we released an update to the Accordance Atlas at this year's MacWorld Expo which featured such improvements as high-resolution map backgrounds, new color schemes, modern sites, modern boundaries, and details of the geography of Jerusalem. To date, version 2 of the Atlas has been a huge success.

Yet while the Atlas has always been one of our best selling add-ons, there are some users who see $89 as a lot to spend "just for some maps." Of course, those of you who own the Atlas know that it is much more than "just some maps," but it can be hard to communicate that to someone who has never really seen it in action.

So here's what we've decided to do: we're now offering an Atlas Sampler for just $20, which you can download from our web-site or install from the soon-to-be-updated Bible Reference CD-ROM. The Atlas Sampler includes just two backgrounds from the old Atlas CD-ROM (Colors and Beige) and version 1 of the Map Data. It does not include the high-resolution backgrounds of the full Atlas. Neither does it include the Altitude data (so no elevations or 3-D Maps). But it does give Accordance users an inexpensive way to explore the 2-D features of the Atlas and to quickly locate Biblical sites. It lets them overlay different site, region, and route layers as well as view the animated routes. In short, it's a full-featured Atlas that still blows away just about any other Bible Atlas out there—except of course our own high-res Atlas CD-ROM.

Best of all, you're not penalized should you decide eventually that you want to upgrade to the full version of the Atlas. The twenty dollars you spend on the Atlas Sampler is simply credited toward your purchase of the full Atlas.

If you haven't purchased the Accordance Bible Atlas because you thought it was too much to spend "just for some maps," be sure to give the Atlas Sampler a try. But be warned, when you see what you've been missing, you're going to be sorely tempted to upgrade to the full Atlas.

At least, that's our hope. ;-)

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