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Tuesday, August 29, 2006  

A Quick Thank-You to the Accordance Evangelists

I've recently started following a few Bible software-related internet forums, and I've been very pleased and grateful to see a number of you piping up to extol the virtues of Accordance, dispel misconceptions about it, and offer purchasing advice to interested users. I've been impressed with your knowledge and enthusiasm, and am starting to think you should be writing our marketing literature!

As a small company with a very limited marketing budget (we sink most of our resources into development), we are extremely dependent on you, our users, to spread the word about Accordance. It's been encouraging to see that you're doing just that. Thank you!

It's not hard to spread the word about a great company.

The most fun thing has been to see the Accordance love over on the Logos:Mac usenet group! ;^)

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