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Friday, September 01, 2006  

Details of the Library 7 Premier Level

Yesterday I detailed the new modules in the new Library 7 Standard Level. Today, I want to look at the new modules in the Premier Level. As we do, keep in mind that these new modules are in addition to the new modules included in the Introductory and Standard levels. (Speaking of the Introductory Level, you can get more details about the new Bible Art module over on our Featured Module page.)

By far the most significant addition to the Premier level is the grammatically tagged Greek New Testament Textus Receptus (GNT-TR). Until now, we've always tried to maintain a clear demarkation between the Library CD-ROM, which contains resources for study of the Bible in English, and the Scholar's Collection CD-ROM, which contains resources for original language study. We still want to maintain that basic distinction, but we're blurring the lines just a little, mainly for those pastors and students who don't want to purchase both CD-ROMs but who occasionally need to dig deeper into the original languages. We also see it as a way to expose more people to the power of our grammatically tagged texts.

What about those who want the Nestle-Aland text rather than the textus receptus? Well, we've also tried to ease your pain by offering a substantial discount ($60) when you buy both the Library 7 Premier level and the Scholar's 7 Core Bundle. In short, our grammatically tagged Greek and Hebrew texts have never been more accessible or affordable.

The module I think I'm personally most excited about having is Philip Schaff's Creeds of Christendom (Schaff-Creeds). A tremendous work of scholarship, Schaff's Creeds consists of three volumes. Volume 1 explores the history of creeds from early baptismal formulas to the great ecumenical creeds and the later Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant confessions. Volume 2 contains the text of the Greek and Latin creeds in parallel columns of Greek or Latin and English. Volume 3 contains the evangelical Protestant creeds, in the languages in which they were written and in English translation. I've had this work on my shelves for years, and have had occasion to consult it many times. I'm excited to finally have it in Accordance.

The Premier Level also includes the original edition of ISBE, the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia edited by James Orr. Four volumes in print, ISBE contains detailed articles about every significant word in the Bible, and important subjects receive extensive treatment.

The Premier Level also includes two more works by Alfred Edersheim. Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (Life & Times) explores the historical background to the gospel accounts of Jesus' life. Bible History Old Testament (Bible History OT) provides a detailed overview of Old Testament redemptive history. These, together with the previously included Sketches of Jewish Social Life and The Temple, Its Ministies and Services make for an excellent collection of Edersheim's works.

Another important work which explores the historical background of the Bible is archaeologist William Ramsay's St. Paul the Traveler and Roman Citizen (Paul the Traveler). As its title suggests, this work deals with the life and missionary journeys of the apostle Paul.

Another major addition is the Two-volume Works of Jonathan Edwards (Hickman Edition of 1834). Edwards includes such important works as Edwards' Resolutions, Freedom of Will, Nature of True Virtue, Faithful Narrative, Religious Affections, and more.

New works of theology include Eighteenth-century Revivalist and theologian Charles Grandison Finney's Lectures on Systematic Theology (Finney-Theology) and Heinrich Schmid's Doctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Schmid-Theology is a compilation of statements by 14 prominent Lutheran theologians on various systematic theological subjects. Combine these with the systematic theologies of Aquinas, Calvin, Hodge, Strong, and Gill, and the Premier level offers a wealth of theological resources.

Other modules include:

Baxter: Puritan divine Richard Baxter's Saints' Everlasting Rest, Reformed Pastor, Call to the Unconverted, and Causes and Dangers of Slighting Christ and His Gospel.

Catena Aurea: A commentary on the gospels of Matthew and Mark collected from the writings of the Church Fathers.

Proverbs (Spurgeon): Sermons on Proverbs by Charles Spurgeon.

Twelve Caesars: Roman Historian Suetonius' Biography of the first twelve Roman emperors. This work includes one of the earliest secular historical references to Christ.

In addition to all these new modules, St. Patrick has now been updated with a biography of St. Patrick excerpted from J. A. Wylie's History of the Scottish nation.

The new Premier level adds no less than 37 new modules for a total of 146! And since we often combine multiple works by the same author into one module, the number of individual "books" included is much higher. Not that we're really counting, mind you! ;-)

Hi David,

While there is certainly a lot of new modules in a Library, there are also some that disappeared like for example:

NLT, Webster, GNTM, Acts (McGarvey), Barnes' Notes (NT), Galatians (Luther), Gospels (Lightfoot), Henry (Complete), John (Johnson), Mark (Chadwick), Psalms (Spurgeon)

Could you tell why they were taken out?

Best wishes,



Two of the modules you mentioned have been removed, but all the rest are still there.

We removed the New Living Translation because it was the first edition which Tyndale no longer wishes us to sell. The NLT-SE (second edition) is now available for people to add as one of their three included unlocks.

GNTM was an old untagged, unaccented Greek text which we felt was not worth including any more, particularly in light of the more full-featured Greek texts we have included.

Other than those two, all the rest of the modules you listed are still included. And if you're upgrading from Library 6, you should still have those modules as part of your Accordance library.

Hi David,

I am sorry, you are absolutely right. My mistake. I do not have version 6, but was considering buying it for some time. I compared my list that I made of Library 6, with the list on the page http://www.accordancebible.com/packages/library.php without entering inside the links for each library. If I did, I would see what you just told me. Now first thing on Monday, I am going to place the order for Library 7. By the way, I have bought my first Mac two years ago just to be able to run Accordance. It was great joy for me when you released Catholic Collection CD-ROM, I just wish there were more Catholic resources for Accordance. It would be also nice to see a bible in Polish as an Accordance module, but that’s my bias as I am Polish. You do really a great job.

Best wishes,


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