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Wednesday, September 27, 2006  

Writer's Block

Last week, I had a good excuse for not blogging: I was traveling and teaching all-day training seminars. This week, I'm afraid I've just got writer's block. Actually, I've got several ideas for upcoming posts, including an excellent one submitted by a user, but I just haven't had the time to develop them like I want to. Since I can't bring myself to post things which are totally irrelevant in the interest of filling up dead air, I guess I'll stall for time by highlighting a few tips which the recent seminar attendees found helpful. :-)

Resizing text in all panes: It's obvious that you can resize the text in an individual window pane by clicking the text-size buttons above the pane (the little and big "A" icons), but did you know that if you option-click those buttons, the text in all the panes of that window will be resized?

Using the Go To Box in a Tool window: In a previous blog entry, I emphasized the use of the Go To box in the Search window to quickly navigate to the verses you want. Did you know you can do the same thing in the Tool window? Simply type a word or phrase into the Go To Box (or a Scripture reference if you're in a reference tool), then hit return, and you'll be taken to the article which is the closest match to what you typed.

Knowing Where You are in a Tool window: When you do a search in a Tool window, some of the hits you find may be in subarticles which are deeply nested within an article. How do you know where you are in the body of the tool? Well, you can look at the Go To Box, which will give you the current subarticle preceded by the main article to which it belongs.

For example, if I search for the word "dove" in Anchor Bible Dictionary, the Go To Box shows "ART AND ARCHITECTURE: 8. The Dove." In this way, I can tell right away that the article I'm looking at is in the article on Art and Architecture.

But I still don't know where the current subarticle falls in the structure of the entire article. To see that, I can open the browser pane. There I'll see the top level of the article hierarchy, which in this case is all the letters of the English alphabet. The letter A is highlighted to show that the current article falls within that section of the tool. I could then click the disclosure triangle to reveal the next level of the hierarchy, scroll down until I see which article is highlighted, click that article's disclosure triangle, and so on until I drill down to the current article.

But who has time for that? If I just option-click on the disclosure triangle beside the letter A at the top level of the browser, Accordance will automatically expand every level of the browser containing the current article. It's a quick way to see how the current article fits into the structure of the entire tool.

Okay, I better stop there. Hope these are helpful to some of you.

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