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Thursday, October 19, 2006  

Just Can't Keep Up Any More

OakTree Software exhibits at the conferences of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Society of Biblical Literature every November, and with the exception of 1996 (when my second son was being born), I've worked every one of these shows since 1995. Though it typically means a tiring week away from my family, I nevertheless look forward to these shows. That's because there's nothing to keep you motivated like seeing people's eyes sparkle and their jaws drop when you show them just a few of the things Accordance can do.

My favorite kinds of demos are the ones where someone comes up and says, "I want to do this kind of original language search that I can't figure out how to do with product X or Y. Can you guys do it?" Then it's a challenge both to vindicate Accordance and to stretch my seminary-level Greek and Hebrew far enough to understand what in the world this person is wanting to do.

For some time now, we've been producing resources which go way beyond seminary-level Greek and Hebrew. Qumran scrolls, the Mishna, Hebrew and Northwest Semitic Inscriptions, the Apostolic Fathers, Apocryphal Gospels, Pseudepigrapha, Codex Beza, etc. People come to our booth excited about these resources that I personally know very little about. I'm conversant enough with Greek and Hebrew to avoid looking like a complete idiot, but if they ask me any in depth questions about these resources, I have to defer to others with more expertise.

At last year's SBL, I remember pausing for a second and looking around at all of those working the booth. Two spoke fluent Hebrew, one had done post-graduate work in Qumran literature, one was working on his doctorate in Hebrew, one was a Greek professor, and, with the exception of the sales manager, every one of us could read Greek and Hebrew. It hit me at that moment just how much Accordance has branched out into specialized areas of Biblical scholarship, many of which I know very little about. I realized that I just can't keep up any more with everything we're doing.

Last night, I got my first glimpse of a new project which should be released at this coming SBL: our first ancient text in a language other than Greek or Hebrew. Now, not only are there Accordance resources I know very little about; there will soon be an Accordance text which I can't even read! When it comes to that resource, I won't even be able to fake my way through an SBL demo.

Ah well, I guess a little humility never hurt anybody! ;-)

What document?! What language?!

Now, if I could tell you that at this point, don't you think I would have? Don't worry, all will be revealed in a few weeks. ;-)

I love doing my research on Accordance, but one caveat I have is I can't footnote my resource because there is no page number. Will there be page numbers on the upcoming commentary and resource. I hope footnote function or page number can be implimented in the future. But nevertheless, I am very satisfy with the quality that Accordance has provide for in-depth Biblical research.

David, just want to take a moment and thank you for the time and effort of your blog entries in the past few months. I consider them continuing Accordance education.

I like them so much, I recently have gone back to the genesis of this blog back in Feb. of this year and started reading them until I catch up to where I begin.

Thanks again for this blog, your time here is much appreciated.


Although you can't tell us which language, can you rule out any of these languages? Sumerian, Ugaritic, Akkadian, Syriac, Coptic, Arabic

Will Sirach in Hebrew be unveiled? What about the Biblical DSS?

I just want to say keep up the good work. Accordance is second to none.

I'll second what Alan said. I too have gone back to the beginning of this Blog so as to get as much out of Accordance as I can. Also, thanks to the blog, I just upgraded to 7!

I was a little disappointed with the interface of 6 but 7 is much nicer looking. Being a Graphic Designer, I tend to nitpick Interfaces and Design details. I love the new accordance Icon!

You guys are doing a great job and we all appreciate the passion the development team has for their product.

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