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Tuesday, November 28, 2006  

The Year in Review (Part One)

Yesterday I listed some of the new resources which were just announced: Word Biblical Commentary, NIGTC, Syriac, new Greek texts, Neusner's translation of the Babylonian Talmud, Semeia journal, etc. But that's just the latest in a series of new releases and upgrades we've offered this year. Here's a look back at everything we've released in the past year:

Updated PhotoGuide: In mid-December of last year, we released a major upgrade to our Bible Lands PhotoGuide featuring nearly double the number of photographs at increased resolution. Each photo is carefully annotated, making the PhotoGuide a treasure-trove of information about the geographical and historical background of the Bible.

3 New Zondervan CD-ROMs: In December of last year we released two new collections from Zondervan, and in September of this year we added a third.

The Zondervan Essential Bible Study Suite for Macintosh features the NIV with G/K Numbers, the NIRV, the TNIV, the new NIV Study Bible, the NIV Student Bible, NIV Dictionary, NIV Commentary, NIV Nave's, and more for just $69.

The Zondervan Personal Growth Bible Study Suite for Macintosh features the TNIV, NIV Thematic Study Bible, New International Encyclopedia of Bible Words, the Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties, A Dictionary of Cults, All the Men in the Bible, All the Women in the Bible, Streams in the Desert, and more for just $49.

The Zondervan Scholarly Bible Study Suite for Macintosh is the largest of the three collections, and features some of Zondervan's best reference materials for just $149. Included are the Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible (ZPEB); Mounce's Greek Grammar, Morphology, and Analytical Lexicon; Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics; several additional tools for analyzing the Greek and Hebrew of the Bible; Carson and Moo's Introduction to the New Testament; Dillard and Longman's Introduction to the Old Testament; The New International Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology; The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church; Vanhoozer's Is There a Meaning in This Text?; and commentaries by Lightfoot, Westcott, Hort, Eadie, and Godet.

In addition to the material included in each of these CD-ROMs, you can also unlock Expositor's Bible Commentary, the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology (NIDNTT), and the New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis (NIDOTTE).

By the way, Accordance is the only Bible program, other than Zondervan's own Pradis software for Windows, which offers these materials.

Updated Bible Atlas: In February of this year, we released a major upgrade to our Bible Atlas, which at the time was still the most advanced Bible software atlas available. The New Atlas features ten times the resolution of the old Atlas, new color backgrounds (Light Browns and Satellite), modern sites and boundaries, and new pre-defined layers showing every available route and region.

If you're still wondering whether you should bother upgrading to the new Atlas, let me offer this little but of anecdotal support. Every person at ETS/SBL who asked to see the new Atlas was ready to upgrade immediately upon seeing the improved resolution, and was completely "sold" when I showed the modern sites and boundaries. It's a huge improvement, and only $39 to upgrade from the old Atlas.

Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture: Also in February, we released the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture by InterVarsity Press. A compilation of the comments of early Christian writers on the text of the Bible, this CD-ROM includes 12 print volumes and covers 33 books of the Bible.

Thompson Chain Reference Bible: In March, we released the new, revised, and expanded Thompson Chain Reference Bible from KirkBride. This resource is only available for Windows through WORDSearch, but WORDSearch teamed up with Accordance to make it available to Mac users.

Center for New Testament Textual Studies Critical Apparatus: The CNTTS Greek Apparatus project was delayed by Hurricane Katrina, but in May we were able to release a major upgrade which included Acts and the General Epistles in addition to the four Gospels. Although this valuable text-critical resource will be available for Windows software next year, it is currently only available for Accordance (are you beginning to see a theme here?).

Mac StudienBibel CD-ROM with NA27 and BHS Apparatuses: Although we had been selling a pre-release version of this CD-ROM for months, May also saw the official release of the Mac StudienBibel CD-ROM by the German Bible Society. This CD-ROM, while of obvious importance to those wanting German lexical resources, is important for the rest of us because it includes the NA27 and BHS textual apparatuses.

Mac Bibel Bibliothek CD-ROM: Also by the German Bible Society, the Mac Bibel Bibliothek CD-ROM offers a new range of German Bibles and the option of a German language version of Accordance 6.9.2. Four of the Bibles are lemmatized to allow the user to find every form of a German word, two have dictionaries, and most have translator's notes or cross references.

New Living Translation Second-Edition (NLT-SE): Also in May, we released the second edition to the New Living Translation as a separate module. Users of the old NLT can upgrade for just $10, and can use the new Compare Texts feature in version 7 to compare the two editions.

Accordance 7.0!: Boy, May was a busy month for us! In addition to the new modules and CD-ROMs mentioned above, we released version 7.0 of the Accordance application with a ton of new features. I won't go into all those here again, since I've already talked about them in detail, but version 7 was, quite possibly, our most extensive upgrade ever.


Whew! I intended this post to be a "year in review," but six months into the year and this post is already getting too long. I'll have to cover the new developments from June through November in tomorrow's post. Until then, it should be clear that 2006 has been an extremely productive year for us, which means an extremely goody-laden year for you. :-)

Wrong link to the Zondervan Scholarly Bible Study Suite for Macintosh. Link opens Zondervan Personal Growth Bible Study Suite for Macintosh. Can you correct this?


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