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Wednesday, December 13, 2006  

Accordance Helps Make Mother-in-Law Happy

Accordance users value their favorite Bible study software for a variety of reasons: it saves them time preparing sermons or papers, it enables them to do research which would otherwise be difficult, it is useful in teaching, etc. But how often do you hear that it helps you earn points with your in-laws? Accordance did just that for me recently.

My mother-in-law likes to send out a family Christmas letter every year, and she always asks me to edit the letter and polish it up. When I'm finished tweaking her text, I then lay it out in Pages using a nice decorative font and some kind of artwork. Because I've been doing this for many years now, it is the finding of appropriate artwork which is becoming increasingly difficult. I've never been thrilled with the quality of most digital clip-art I've seen. Google image searches can turn up the occasional gem, but in most cases the images you find on the web are too low-res to look good on a printed page. What should be a relatively simple thing can easily turn into a time-consuming search.

This year, however, the search was incredibly brief. I just fired up Accordance, opened the new Bible Art module (included with any level of the Library CD-ROM), and found a really beautiful image which fit perfectly with the theme of the letter. I copied and pasted it into Pages, masked the image with an oval shape, and quickly ended up with a Christmas letter which looks very polished. My mother-in-law is thrilled with her letter, and I'm happy that the process didn't consume too much time. Heck, it even inspired a blog entry! ;-)

Hopefully some of you can put the Bible Art module to similar uses.

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