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Tuesday, December 05, 2006  

New in 7.1: Adding a vertical Tool or Note Pane

As I said yesterday, the free update to Accordance 7.1 adds a host of new features. Yesterday, I covered one of the biggest: the new Citation preferences. Today, I'll just mention one of the smallest (but most useful): the ability to open a Reference Tool or User Note pane vertically rather than horizontally.

As I'm sure you know, if you select a Reference Tool or User Note file from the Add pane buttons on the right hand side of the Search window, the resource you choose will open in a horizontally-oriented pane along the bottom of the window (beneath the Bible text panes). This horizontal orientation is great for some resources, such as critical apparatuses or study Bible notes, but for in depth commentaries, a vertical orientation beside the Bible panes tends to work better. That's why Reference Tool and User Notes panes have always had a button that lets you toggle from a horizontal to a vertical orientation.

Now, what if you have a resource that you always want to open in a vertical pane? Until now, you were forced to use a two-step process: (1) add a pane containing that resource, then (2) click the toggle button to switch to a vertical orientation. Well, we don't like two-step processes if we can avoid them, so we decided to give you the option of adding a vertically-oriented Reference Tool or User Note pane in a single step. Simply hold down the option key while selecting the Reference Tool or User Note you want to add, and a new vertical pane will be added displaying that resource!

It's certainly not the most earth-shattering new feature we've added in 7.1, but sometimes it's those little enhancements which can make the biggest difference in streamlining your workflow.

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