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Wednesday, December 27, 2006  

The Search text is everything

This morning, a user complained that he could not find the apocrypha in the NRSV. I thought others of you might find the answer helpful.

You'll remember that the verses displayed in the bottom part of the search window are determined by the search criteria entered in the top part of the window. For example, if you do a word search for "Adam," only those verses in the current search text which contain the word "Adam" will be displayed in the window.

Now, let's say I have my search text set to a Bible which does not contain the apocrypha (such as the HCSB) and a Bible containing the apocrypha (such as the NRSV) displayed in a parallel pane. I have the search for radio buttons set to Verses and an asterisk entered in the entry box (indicating that I want the entire search text displayed). Here's what I'll see if I scroll down to the end of Malachi:

Where's the apocrypha? I know I shouldn't see it in the pane containing the HCSB, but why am I not seeing it in the pane containing the NRSV? The answer is simple. I didn't search the NRSV. In other words, I told Accordance I wanted to see all the verses in the HCSB. The parallel pane containing the NRSV shows only those verses which happen to be contained in the HCSB. That's why the apocrypha appears to be missing.

If I change my search text to NRSV and scroll down to the end of Malachi, this is what I'll see:

You see, the apocrypha is there after all. Now that I have told Accordance to show all the verses in the NRSV, the apocrypha is displayed in the Search window, and the "missing" verses in the HCSB are marked with dashes.

This can happen not just with the apocrypha, but with any "missing" verses in a search text. For example, many modern Bibles do not contain Matthew 23:14. If you have one such Bible as your search text, with the KJV in parallel, Matthew 23:14 will appear to be "missing" from the KJV. To see that verse, you will need to switch the search text to KJV.

I hope this is helpful to any of you who may have found this behavior confusing. Just remember that the search text always determines which verses are displayed in the text panes.

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