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Monday, January 15, 2007  

Did I say MacWorld was Invigorating?

Last Friday, I wrote that being at MacWorld Expo is invigorating. After a week of MacWorld, an all-day training seminar at Berkeley, and a red-eye flight home to Florida, "invigorated" is the last word I would use to describe myself. "Bedraggled" is a bit more appropriate!

Not that MacWorld hasn't been fun. We got reacquainted with lots of MacWorld regulars who have been using Accordance for years, and we demoed Accordance to more first-time users than I can count. It's always fun to see people ooh and ahh over the things we've been working on for the past year, but all that talking does take a toll on one's voice (the plus side is that I can now sing like Barry White!), and all that standing does wear on the feet, knees, and back.

Minor aches and pains aside, however, we had a very successful show. We were in the South Hall of the Moscone center a few aisles from the Apple booth, and there was a steady stream of people flowing by our booth. Most years I am able to get away to the Apple booth and catch a demo or two, but this year we were so busy you probably know more about the AppleTV and iPhone than I do!

We got all the usual reactions from the people walking by our booth. On the one hand, there were quizzical stares, raised eyebrows, and even a few snickers. On the other hand, many would walk by, blurt out the words, "Bible software," and rush up to us like we were an oasis in the desert. It's always fun to see how excited people get about the things Accordance can do.

The training seminar at Berkeley also went well. We were in a smart classroom which seated about 60 and it was absolutely packed. Everybody was very attentive and enthusiastic, even after the lunch break when we really dug into the Greek and Hebrew!

All in all, it was a great week. Now I'm ready for quieter surroundings and eager to get to work on some exciting new projects I can't tell you about yet. Hmmm, maybe MacWorld really is invigorating—once one gets over the jet lag!

David, thanks for all your help at MacWorld and for the very equipping seminar you put on in Berekely.

I'm now a better Accordance user.

I, too, found the Berkeley seminar to be very helpful, and believe the quick trip from Los Angeles to attend was well worth it. (Unfortunately I needed to leave a little early to catch my flight home).

It was good to speak with you personally for a few minutes, and I was glad to hear that it may be possible in the future for note asterisks in the ESV text to be stripped away when copying and pasting as "Citation." That will be such a time saver!

I hope you guys will produce some software for the iPhone!

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