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Friday, January 05, 2007  

Headed to MacWorld Expo

On Monday, I hop a flight to San Francisco, where I'll "be sure to wear some flowers in my hair." Okay, I'm just kidding about the flowers in my hair—it's from a Hippie-era song for those of you too young to catch the allusion. Perhaps instead of flowers, I would do better to wear a black mock-turtleneck and blue jeans, in honor of Steve Jobs' Keynote presentation at the annual MacWorld Conference and Expo.

We've been exhibiting Accordance at MacWorld Expo for years now, and it's always an invigorating experience. Perhaps it's the work of Mr. Jobs' famed "reality distortion field," but at MacWorld, being a Mac user is the accepted norm, developing Mac-only software is a mark of honor, and getting excited about a computer is viewed as cool rather than nerdy. The pace is fast, the days are tiring, but the atmosphere is always upbeat.

We have lots of users who show up at MacWorld every year and ask us what's new. This year, there's a ton of new stuff, including version 7, an updated Library CD-ROM, the new Atlas and PhotoGuide, WORD Biblical Commentary, NIGTC, the Zondervan Scholarly Suite, and more. Many of our demos this year should consist of showing off new features like the text compare, contextual menus, new Graphs and Charts, etc. In addition to the new users, we'll have plenty of people stopping by the booth who have never heard about Accordance or who had no idea there was Bible software for the Mac. Those demos will be longer, and the challenge will be not to overwhelm them with all the things Accordance can do.

Of course, we always get a few skeptics: loyal users of other programs who challenge us to show them why they should switch to Accordance from Product X. Those are the fun demos, because it's amazing how quickly they get excited about the things we're showing them.

It's also amusing to watch the people who don't end up stopping by our booth. There are always people who casually wander by, attracted by the 3-D maps being projected on the screen, who then notice our sign and get this puzzled look on their faces. Often they'll turn to their friends and whisper, "Bible software?" Then they'll shrug, smirk, or shake their heads and hurry on their way!

All in all, MacWorld is a one-of-a-kind experience, and while I hate being away from my family for a week, a part of me always looks forward to going. If you're going to be there, be sure to stop by booth 2626 to say hi, learn how to get more out of Accordance, and take advantage of some great show prices.

Now, where did I put those flowers. . .

I'm coming to MacWorld (I live 25 min. south of S.F.). I'm trying to decide whether to come up on Wednesday or Friday. Which day would be a better day for camping out with Accordance?


We'll be there all week, so either day is fine. In general, there tend to be fewer crowds on Friday than on Wednesday, so we may be able to spend more time with you then. We're also doing a free training seminar at Berkeley on Saturday.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for the Berkeley info.

I'm wondering if I can get you guys to get me a free upgrade to Accordance 7.0 in light of a huge Accordance purchase I made about 9 months ago, shortly before you came out with 7.0. Helen is the one I placed that large order with. Maybe, just maybe, you guys will want to give this dedicated Accordance user and buyer a little upgrade????

See you in S.F. or maybe in Berkeley

I'm currently at Macworld, working for my client at her booth. I'm looking forward to stopping by and hopefully learning how to get the most out of my Accordance software.

I was just at my booth for training, and it was exciting to see all the buzz, with big cool signs being hoisted into the air, state of the art booths being polished, etc.

This will be my first Macworld.

I thought the flowers in your hair would help me find you! What booth are you? I'll check back here...

I hope your booth is a big success.

In reading your blog it gives the impression that Macworld is this week. However, I think it starts next week Jan 14. Several of us from Fuller Northern California will be there on Jan 17 to bug you all.

p.Ben: this post refers to MacWorld 07 and was posted a year ago. We will be there again this year, so please do look us up, and even better, come to the seminar on Saturday in Berkeley.

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