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Tuesday, January 16, 2007  

Rick Mansfield's Accordance Library

In a recent post to his "This Lamp" blog, Rick Mansfield talks about his transition to the Mac from Windows and his switch from Windows Bible Software to Accordance. He also lists all of the Accordance modules he's acquired over the years. Thanks, Rick, for the support and the kind words! In the comments on that post, a few other Accordance users also chimed in with kind words about Accordance.

By the way, Rick's blog is always interesting, even when he's not talking about Accordance. It's worth checking out, as long as you can get past the ankle tattoo photos! ;-)

You know, I used to keep that tattoo semi-secret but between my post the other day, and now yours, David, I think I'm fully outed.

On a related note, there IS an Accordance connection to my tattoo--perhaps the first of its kind.

I'm sure you didn't gaze at the picture of my ankle too long, but if you had, you might have recognized Accordance's Helena font (I hope that such use isn't a violation of the user agreement because I'm not having it removed!).

I started by copying Romans 1:1 in Greek from Accordance to MS Word. Then I enlarged the font somewhat and took out both the reference Paul made to himself and then the part about being "called as an apostle." That left me with the Greek for "bondslave of Christ Jesus...set apart for the Gospel of God." At the tattoo parlor, they took my printout of the phrase in the Helena font and used a machine that essentially made a rub-on tattoo like a kid would get. Then the tattoo "artist" simply traced over the wording on my leg (although as described in my post, I had him stop with just the first phrase--it was quite painful).

Anyway, you'll have to let me know if this is a first--Accordance being used in creating a tattoo!

Rick, I don't know if you're the first to use Accordance to create a tattoo, but I shudder to think what you might do with the new Bible Art module! ;-)

At least you took the time to make sure the tattoo "artist" got it right. Tyler Williams of Codex Blogspot once wrote a rather humorous post on botched Hebrew tattoos.

David, speaking of Bible Art, have you posted about this new module and I just missed it. I don't even think I knew I had it until I listed out the modules I have in Accordance.

I note that it has a 2006 copyright, but I can't remember consciously installing it, so I assume it came with one of the many updates.

Here's the interesting use of the module that may not have been intended by the fine folks at Oak Tree.

As I was looking through the Bible Art module the other day, I noticed the painting by Edward Hicks, "The Animals Boarding the Ark." Now, we already have a nice framed print of that picture hanging in our living room. We had been wanting something similar to add to the other wall.

So I started browsing through the Bible Art module and I discovered John Wenzel Peter's "Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden," a very colorful picture which I feel would be complementary to the picture by Hicks. Right now I'm using it as the wallpaper on my MacBook so that I can see it regularly and decide if we want it in our living room.

Nonetheless, can you imagine that now I've used Accordance for both tattoos and interior decorating? Talk about a program with a wide variety of uses!

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