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Thursday, February 15, 2007  

Merging User Tools

On Monday I discussed the pros and cons of creating a single User Tool containing multiple resources or creating a separate User Tool for each resource. I tend to think a few large user tools are more convenient than a bunch of little ones.

Now, what if you've created fifty tiny user tools and, persuaded by my brilliant reasoning, now wish you had just combined all those little resources into a single user tool? What do you do now?

Well, fortunately, we anticipated the possibility that you might eventually want to combine two or more separate user tools into a single module. To do that, simply go to File-->User Files-->Merge User Tool...

A dialog box will appear displaying two lists labeled Merge and Into. The user tool you select from the first list will be merged into—that is, added to the end of—the user tool you select from the second list. When you click OK, an alert will appear asking if you're sure you want to do this. Simply click OK, and the two modules will be merged together. It's important to note that the user tool which you choose to be merged into the other one will automatically be removed from Accordance after it is merged.

So if you created a separate user tool for each of last year's sermons, and you now want to keep them all together, simply merge them together and you're good to go.

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