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Monday, February 05, 2007  

Resurrecting College Papers as User Tools

I'm really not much of a pack-rat, but I have spent the last sixteen years hanging on to a pile of papers from college which I felt were particularly noteworthy and which I've been unwilling to toss. I didn't own a computer in college, so these papers are not in electronic format at all: they are either handwritten (back then a few profs would actually allow such a thing!) or typed (usually by female friends who took pity on me). I'd like to be rid of the pile of tree-pulp, but I don't want to lose the thoughts recorded there. And more than just wanting to archive these papers, I want them in a form I can actually use from time to time.

My solution is to re-type them into Accordance as user tools. I suppose I could scan and OCR them, but I'm also editing and revising them as I type, so it's just as easy to key them in; and in the case of the handwritten papers, I have to key them in.

The advantages of having these papers in an Accordance user tool are that I can hypertext the Scripture references, I can quickly search them or amplify to them, and I can organize them so that they have a hierarchical browser. Besides, most of these papers deal with Biblical or religious themes, so where better to have access to them than in my Bible study software?

Are you going to tell us how to do this?

Danny, I'd start by making a new user tool (File->User Files->New User Tool. Type in the title you want for your tool and hit [enter]. Then hit Apple(⌘)u and start typing. To add a scripture reference hyperlink, highlight the reference and click on the (Scripture Link) button at the bottom. When you're done typing, be sure to hit the (Update) button in the bottom right corner - that's it. Now you have a User Tool with whatever content you choose.

-Gord (from Ponds, NS)

I'm hoping this will be the first in a series of blogs about User Tools. There's a lot there and it would be nice to see how it all works. I especially would like to see something about importing from HTML and how to set up the HTML for the best import process.

Robb Brunansky

I new that much. But it sounds like David is taking .docs and somehow converting them to modules.

Personally, i would like to be able to take a translation of a text that I have and be able to convert it into a module, a user notes module is fine. But it would take a whole wack of time to have to add the translation verse by verse with the usernotes tool. As the anonymous user said, I would like to see some sort of importing from html or something.

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