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Wednesday, March 14, 2007  

Accordance Blog Now Searchable (Sort of)

I know Accordance pretty well, but I'm admittedly slow when it comes to all this blogging stuff. Although the Accordance blog has been a good source of help from post to post, there has never been an easy way to find previous posts on a given subject.

With a little help from someone much smarter than myself, I've now changed some of the settings to support searching of the blog. You should now see a black search bar along the top of this page which lets you enter keywords to find within previous Accordance blog posts. It doesn't seem to have indexed every post yet, but I think it's getting there. So give searching the Accordance blog a try. Hopefully this little change will make the blog a lot more helpful to you.

I just realized that the accordance blog is not indexed in the deinde biblioblogs search. I have just added it to the custom search, so the Accordance blog will be searchable along with another 125 biblioblogs.

The search is available at www.deinde.org/special/search



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