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Tuesday, March 13, 2007  

On the Road Again

Fortunately, I've got a few weeks to recuperate from our Los Angeles trip, but in April, I'll be headed north to Atlanta to do two more training seminars. Since Atlanta has about a gazillion Interstates criss-crossing it, these seminars should be accessible to people from Alabama, Tennessee, and the Carolinas as well as to the locals, so I'd strongly encourage you to make it if you can.

Here are the details of the two seminars already scheduled:

  • Emory University
    Thursday April 12, 2007

    9 am to 5 pm
    Church School Building 404
    Candler School of Theology
    1660 N Decatur Rd.
    Atlanta, GA 30322
  • Grace Fellowship Church
    Saturday April 14, 2007

    9 am to 5 pm
    1440 Dogwood Rd., Snellville, GA 30044
    (770) 979 7000

We're always willing to do additional seminars or briefer demos while we're in the area, so let us know if you'd like to host another event at that time. And, of course, if you'd just like to attend one of the seminars, we do ask that you e-mail us and let us know. For more details on these Atlanta seminars, see this announcement on our forums.

Sorry, I had the dates wrong in my notices: the 12th and the 14th! the days of the week were correct, not the dates!

Please let me know if you are doing any seminars in the NJ, PA, DE area. I just purcased Accordance and would really like to learn as much as I can. my email is [email protected]

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