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Friday, March 23, 2007  

Recycling . . . Free of Charge!

While in Los Angeles for the last round of training seminars, we went into a grocery store to buy some bottled water. We found a package on sale for $3.99, and took it up to the cashier, where we were told to pay something like $4.50. When we said, "I thought this was on sale for $3.99?" The cashier looked at us like we were from outer space and said, "Yes. $3.99 plus the CRV." When we continued to give her a blank stare, she said, "The CRV is a deposit on the plastic bottles. We recycle here."

At that point, one of us quipped, "We recycle in Florida too, but it's free!"

Fortunately, where Accordance is concerned, recycling takes place free of charge. In fact, you've probably already experienced recycling if you've used Accordance for any length of time, and may not even have noticed it.

Let's say you're looking at the tagged Greek New Testament, and you triple-click the word agapao to look it up in your default Greek lexicon. A new window or tab will open displaying that lexicon's entry on agapao. When you're done looking at the lexicon, you click back on the window or tab containing the Greek New Testament and continue reading. When you run across the word phileo, you triple-click again to look that word up. Lo and behold, the window or tab containing your Greek lexicon comes to the front again, this time displaying the entry for phileo. Notice that Accordance did not open a new window for each word looked up. Rather, it re-used, or recycled, the window containing the resource being consulted. If you check the history pop-up for the Tool window containing your lexicon, you'll see all the words you've looked up listed there.

If you look more closely at the Tool window containing your lexicon, you'll notice a green recycling symbol above the History pop-up. This indicates that recycling is turned on for this window. You can turn recycling off by clicking on the symbol, and can turn it on again by clicking in the same place (you can also toggle recycling on and off by going to the Window Menu-->Set-->Recycle Contents). If you turn recycling off for this window, the next time you triple-click a Greek word, the current window will be left alone, and a new window or tab will open displaying the lexicon entry for that word.

A window can only be recycled as long as you do not change any of its search criteria. For example, if you switch the search field of your Greek lexicon window to the Scripture field, and later triple-click another Greek word, Accordance will open a new lexicon window, since the search field of the current window is inappropriate for looking up a Greek word.

Because windows are recycled in this way, you can create custom window set-ups designed for quick lookups. For example, you could display a Greek lexicon window next to your Bible text (if you're using the Workspace window, be sure to Detach the tab containing your lexicon and then Tile the windows so that they appear side-by-side). With this custom arrangement, you can triple-click one Greek word after another to immediately see its entry in your favorite Greek lexicon.

Understanding recycling enables you to make the best use of your screen real estate and the windows you open. By turning it off, you make sure that the contents of a window will never be changed or overwritten. By leaving it on, you avoid having to manage an inordinate number of windows or tabs. Either way, you have complete control over whether or not your windows get recycled, and best of all, it's free! ;-)

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