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Tuesday, March 20, 2007  

Viewing Different Passages Side-by-Side

I am occasionally asked questions about viewing different passages in the same Bible text or translation side by side. For example, someone recently asked me about comparing the vocabulary of Genesis 1 and Genesis 6, and he wanted to view the two passages in Hebrew in parallel panes.

My first recommendation would, of course, be to open up an appropriate parallel database (such as the Old Testament parallel) and see if these two passages are parallel by content in some way. In this case, the Old Testament parallel database does not show any parallel between Genesis 1 and Genesis 6.

Another option would be to do a verse search for Genesis 1; 6 in a search window, then open two panes containing the same text. In this case, we would open up two panes containing the BHS-W4. As you all know, parallel panes in a Search window automatically scroll in sync with each other, but we can temporarily break this synchronization by holding down the control key while clicking the scroll arrows, clicking in the scroll bar to "page" up or down, or dragging the scroll thumb to a particular verse. You can also right mouse click or drag to accomplish this unsynchronized scrolling. In this case, I would simply scroll one pane down to Genesis 6 to be able to view the two passages side by side.

Keep in mind that when you scroll panes separately like this, they will re-sync as soon as you scroll in the normal way.

Finally, you can always just open up separate windows displaying each text and view them side by side on the screen. As more and more people get used to using the tabbed Workspace window, it may be less obvious to you that you can do this. So, assuming you are already using a Workspace window, here's what you do:

  1. Open a Search window with BHS-W4 as your search text.
  2. Use command-D to duplicate this tab.
  3. Detach the tab by going to the Window menu-->Detach Tab (or use the keyboard shortcut command-option-T).
  4. Tile the Workspace window and the detached Search window by going to the Window menu-->Arrange-->Tile Windows (or use the keyboard shortcut command-I).
  5. Scroll the text of one window to Genesis 1 (if it's not already there) and the other to Genesis 6.

As you can see, you're never bound by the synchronized scrolling of parallel panes. If you want to look at different passages in the same text side by side, either temporarily break the synchronized scrolling of parallel panes within the same window, or create a custom arrangement of multiple windows.

David, there is a fairly obvious style difference between your scroll arrows for bk, ch, and vs than 7.1. Is that a sneak-preview of things to come, or a third-party app that affects the visualization of Accordance?


I can't slip anything past you, can I? Yes, I accidentally took the screenshot in an alpha version of Accordance 7.2, which will be available for download some time in the next few months. This update will have a lot of minor enhancements, a couple of major ones, and, as you can see, features bigger, bolder text access buttons. I didn't intend to whet your appetite for it just yet, but now you know there are new goodies just around the corner.

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