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Thursday, April 19, 2007  

More on the Search Button

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of the Search button on the Resource palette. When you select a word in a Bible text or tool and then click this button, that text or tool will automatically be searched for the word you selected. In that previous blog post, I showed how Accordance automatically formats such searches with the proper search syntax, particularly with respect to Greek and Hebrew searches. Today, I want to expose you to more cool stuff you can do with the Search button.

Whenever I teach a training seminar like the recent ones in Atlanta, I'm struck with how many times during the course of the day I mention the option key. If you hold down the option key while clicking the Search button, you can modify the way Accordance searches for the selected word.

If you select a Greek or Hebrew word, and hold the option key down while clicking the Search button, Accordance will search for the inflected form of the selected word, rather than its lexical form.

If you select a word in a text with Strong's numbers, option-clicking the Search button will search for the Strong's number attached to the selected word, rather than for the word itself. For example, if I select the word love in Matthew 5:43 of the KJVS, then option-click the search button, Accordance automatically searches the KJVS for the Key number G25, which represents the Greek word agapao. I can then click the Details button to see a Graph of where agapao is used most frequently, or get an Analysis of all the different ways agapao is translated.

In addition to option-clicking the Search button on the palette, you can access these search options by control- or right-clicking a word to pull up a contextual menu. The Search For submenu of that contextual menu will offer you the option to search by inflected form (in a tagged Greek or Hebrew text) or Key Number (in a Key numbered text).

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