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Thursday, May 17, 2007  

Accordance or a-c-Cordance? A Bit of History

Today someone on our forums asked:

why do I sometimes see Accordance spelled acCordance (like in Wallace's Greek Grammar: Beyond the Basics)?

To answer that question, we have to go way back to Accordance 1.0—or rather, acCordance 1.0.

When Accordance was first developed, it was designed to apply the Mac's ease of use to an inherently difficult task: the searching of grammatically tagged Greek and Hebrew texts. The original pioneer in the development of such texts was The GRAMCORD Institute (TGI), which had developed a grammatically tagged Greek New Testament for mainframe computers back in the 1970s. The name GRAMCORD was short for GRAMmatical ConCORDance, which was essentially what they had produced.

By the early nineties, TGI offered a program for DOS PCs to search these texts, but nothing which could work with a Macintosh. So OakTree developed a Macintosh program which could search these texts, and named it Accordance.

The name "Accordance" was chosen for a number of reasons. First, we refused to name the software "Bible-something" or "something-Bible", because nearly every other Bible program around already had such a name. (These days, it seems like every Bible program has the word "Sword" in the name.) Second, we wanted a name that would emphasize that Accordance presented the results of a search in a concordance style view. Third, we chose a name that began with "A" so that our software would always be listed first in alphabetical lists of Bible study software. (Clever, huh?) The name "Accordance" fit all those criteria extremely well, and even had the added benefit of being similar to OakTree's other product, a now-discontinued program for museum collections management called "Accession."

The original logo for Accordance used a funky font which basically had very rounded lowercase-style letters, and the "Cord" was capitalized to emphasize the concording nature of the program. Unfortunately, we discovered after a year or two that some people were referring to our software as "a-c-cordance." That is, they were pronouncing the "a" and the "c" as if they were initials, rather than reading it as the English word "Accordance." So when we released version 2.0, we decided to write the word "Accordance" normally to avoid any confusion, and changed our logo and font accordingly (no pun intended!).

Thanks David!

The way our Canadian friends pronounce it has grown on me: Áccordance, stress on "Ah" as the first syllable! :)

It would have been really neat if back in the 1.0 days you would have named it "MacCordance", "The Concordance for your Mac". It would have been fun.

Although Accordance is still a very nice name.

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