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Sunday, May 06, 2007  

So Much Free Stuff, We Must Be Crazy!

Every time we release a free update to Accordance, I feel like one of those used car salesmen with the commercials that go something like this:

Here at Crazy Dave's Used Cars, our prices are so low, we're practically giving them away. When you buy from us, you get so many free extras, people say we must be crazy!

Why do I feel like the crazy car salesman who yells at you from the television set? Because every time we release a free update, we don't just fix any bugs found since the last release (which is what most developers offer in a point-one update). On the contrary, we include so many new features and enhancements that we could probably get away with calling it a major upgrade and charging for it! Accordance 7.2, which is now available for free download, is just such an "update." Here's a list of some of the new features you'll get for free:

Major New Features

  1. Build Your Own Bible Modules: We have lots of users who want to be able to add their own Bible texts to Accordance: foreign missionaries who are producing their own translations or who need a particular translation we have not yet produced, people who want to import Bible texts which are freely available on the internet, etc. With version 7.2, you can do just that. Simply create a text file according to certain specifications (which I'll cover in an upcoming post), then have Accordance import it as a full-blown Accordance text module!
    (This, by the way, is the "MAJOR" new feature I alluded to last Friday. I even gave you a hint at the end of Tuesday's post, but no one seems to have caught it!)
  2. Prior Button on the Search Window: In the Search window, when you navigate to a different verse by clicking the Up or Down Mark buttons, entering a reference in the Go To Box, or following a link in a reference tool pane, a Prior button will appear to make it easy for you to go back to the verse you just left. If you click the Prior button, a next button will appear so that you can go forward again.
  3. Highlight Printing: You can now print the text of the Bible with either word highlighting or text compare highlighting.
  4. Horizontal Resource Palette: In the Appearance Preferences, there is now an option to orient the Resource palette horizontally. So if you want to save on horizontal screen real-estate (so you can have more room for parallel panes, for example), you can make your Resource palette look like this:
  5. Change the tag order: Don't like the fact that Accordance parses Greek nouns as "NOUN masculine singular nominative"? Would you rather it appear as "NOUN nominative masculine singular"? There is now an option in the Preferences to customize the order in which tags are listed in the Instant Details Box and Parsing window.
  6. Modern Greek Keyboard Layout: People who are used to entering Greek using modern Greek keyboard layouts now have the option to enter Greek characters in Accordance by that input method.

Minor New Features

  1. Larger Text Access Buttons: We've had complaints over the years that the verse, chapter, and book text access buttons were too small and difficult to hit with the mouse. So we rearranged the buttons, enlarged them, and gave them a nice Aqua appearance. Most importantly, we increased the target area, so that even if you don't hit the triangles exactly, the buttons will still be activated.
  2. Command-click a Scripture link: One of the little niceties which many Accordance users are unaware of is that when you select multiple Scripture hypertext links in Accordance, the Text window will display all of the selected verses. That way, you don't have to keep clicking individual hypertext links.
    As cool as that feature is, 7.2 has added an even easier way to view multiple Scripture links at one time. If you hold down the command key while clicking a Scripture link, Accordance will display every link in the entire paragraph. So, for example, if you command-click a verse in the Cross-References tool, the Text window will display all the cross-references for the passage you're studying.
  3. Export Greek to Graeca II: You now have the option to export Greek from Accordance to Linguist's Software's Graeca II font.
  4. More Options Contextual Menu for Tools: One of my favorite contextual menus is the one which appears when you control- or right-click the More Options section of the Search window. This contextual menu lets me set my range or turn on the text comparison without actually having to open the More Options section (which I prefer to keep closed). Now we've added a similar contextual menu for the More Options section of the Tool window.

. . . And Much, Much More! Yes, I know that's what all those "crazy" used car salesmen always say, but in this case, it couldn't be more true. There are about thirty more minor enhancements and cosmetic improvements, which I just don't have the time or the energy to list. These include changes to the Timeline, the Compare Text feature, the Construct window, the Tool window, the Parsing window, and the list goes on and on. When I read through the version history for this release, I'm amazed at all the new features, enhancements, and tweaks which it includes.

So download version 7.2 today, before we realize that we must be crazy to give all this stuff away!

Just downloaded Accordance 7.2 update and all I can say is this is the version I've been waiting for 2 years!!! Now I have it :)

Thank you so much for the upgrade!! I especially love the Horizontal Resource Palette and the ability to print with highlights.

Okay.. this is ridiculous.

All of these features, most of which have originated with users' requests, for free! It's official. You guys are crazy!

Excellent work!


This is a fantastic update. You're going to need to update your demos again, especially the "new features" one since some of the best features of 7 are not included in it now!

I really like the horizontal palatte feature. Thanks!

The 'Prior' button is a small-looking feature, but it has freed me to do the things that I want to do. Up until now, I would often avoid clicking on references, because it would mean that I had to find my way back. If I was teaching a class, or on a short schedule, then I just wouldn't do that. Now, I can follow references with the confidence that I only need to click the Prior button to go right back to where I was. Thank you!

-- Alan Houtzer

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