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Thursday, June 28, 2007  

Accordance 7.3 Released

Another free update to Accordance is now available for download, with several minor enhancements as well as support for some upcoming modules we can't talk about yet.

The first new feature in version 7.3 is the option to trim the font menu for User Notes Edit windows. When working with User Tool Edit windows, the font submenu of the display menu and the corresponding pop-up menu of the Text Palette show only four fonts: Arial for English text, Helena for Greek, Yehudit for Hebrew, and Rosetta for Transliteration. User Notes, however, let you use any font installed in your system. Consequently, if you like the English text of your user notes to be displayed in a font called Zapf Fictional Type, you would have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the font menu every time you wanted to set the text back to English—a daunting proposition for those of you with lots of fonts.

In Accordance 7.3 you'll find a new option in the User Notes window settings of the Preferences: "Use default fonts in font menu." Checking this option will restrict the font menus for user notes edit windows to the six Accordance fonts (Helena, Yehudit, Rosetta, MSS, Sylvanus, and Peshitta), along with the English fonts you specify for the User Notes Text and Reference in the Edit Windows settings of the Preferences. If you want Zapf Fictional Type to appear in your font menus for User Notes Edit windows, just make sure it's one of the fonts selected in the Edit Windows settings.

Another little enhancement is the addition of visual feedback when you choose to Compare Text by Lemmas or Tags in the Compare Texts Preferences. When one of these options is selected, an L or T will appear next to the Compare Texts checkbox.

Finally, an instant details section has been added to the Character Palette to improve the display of the name and key combination of each character you hover the mouse over.

These obviously aren't major new features, but they are nice little enhancements designed to make your life easier . . . and of course, they're free!

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