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Sunday, June 24, 2007  

No More SE for the ESV

Due to a misunderstanding, last week we released the updated ESV as a separate second edition, following the model we had used for the New Living Translation. We now understand that Crossway prefers that this update replace the original ESV rather than considering it a second edition. This means that the original and updated ESV can no longer be viewed in parallel and compared using the Text Compare feature. That's the downside, but here's the upside:

The updated version has now been posted as a free upgrade. It can be downloaded by the AccUpdater widget, or using the installers on the Purchased modules page.

If you purchased the ESV-SE upgrade you will receive credit for the full amount of your purchase the next time you order from Accordance. Please remind us when you place your order.

Is the NLT first edition still available?

No, we cannot sell it anymore, unless you have an old CD-ROM with it.

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