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Friday, June 01, 2007  

Shaving Seconds Off Launch

In a recent comment on an old blog post, a user expressed frustration over the time it takes to launch Accordance under Rosetta on an Intel MacBook. While there's definitely a bit of a lag when launching Accordance under Rosetta, it occurred to me that this problem might be exacerbated if this user hasn't yet discovered that he can turn off the opening splash screen and text information. This handy little option will shave seconds off your Accordance launch times whether you're using MacIntel or PowerPC.

If you open the Preferences dialog and click on the General settings, you'll see a section labeled "Information." This section contains four checkboxes which let you hide various kinds of information windows and alerts in Accordance. Checking "Suppress opening splash screen" tells Accordance not to show the lamp logo and Accordance copyright information when the program is first opened. Checking "Suppress opening text information" tells Accordance not to show you the copyright information for each Accordance text or tool module you open. This will save you tons of time, not just on launch, but any time you open a new text or tool.

The last two checkboxes won't reduce the time it takes to launch Accordance, but checking "Suppress save warning for all windows" will turn off those are-you-sure-you-want-to-close-this warnings that you get every time you close a window or tab. If you use Accordance like I do, you're constantly opening windows, looking things up, and then closing them once you have the information you need. If you don't usually save all that information, why would you want your workflow interrupted by save warnings?

Finally, "suppress information tips" will stop you seeing certain information windows which pop-up on occasion. For example, when you highlight text for the first time, a "tip" window appears telling you that you can use command-8 to apply the current highlight style to any text you select. Because there aren't very many of these kinds of tip windows, I don't bother to turn them off, and I don't generally recommend that others do so. Still, if you find them annoying or distracting, turn them off.

If you haven't discovered these options yet, I think you'll find them incredibly liberating, and hopefully, they'll save you a little time as well.

Thanks for that tip! I didn't realize the splash screen was causing a 3 second wait, I always thought it was "thinking" during that time!

This post got me to wondering, how close are you folks to a universal binary?

The last I saw that was going to be version 8. If the release time-frame is consistent from version 7 to 8 as it was from 6 to 7, that would put version 8 12-24 months away.

These are great tips and they will make my accordance work-flow much more enjoyable. I'm also curious when we will see a universal binary, not that I'm in a rush?

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