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Monday, July 02, 2007  

I Keep Wanting Auto-Scroll in Other Programs

One of my favorite features of Accordance 7 is the auto-scroll feature, which lets you have the text of a window scroll slowly and smoothly much like a teleprompter. To use this feature, go to Preferences, select the Appearance Preferences, and then change the pop-up menu labeled "Auto scrolling" from Off to your desired scrolling speed (mine is set to Medium).

From that point on, any time you hold down the command key while clicking the up or down scroll arrows of a window, that window will begin scrolling automatically. To stop the auto-scrolling, just click the mouse button again.

I use this feature all the time. When I'm reading the Bible to my kids, I just have the text auto-scroll as I read. When I was working on the Video Training DVD, I created a User Tool containing my script so that I could auto-scroll the text while recording the audio segments.

Lately I've found myself wishing other applications had this feature. When I'm reading a long article on the web or a Pages document, I keep command-clicking the down scroll arrow and expecting the text to start scrolling automatically. Oh well, maybe I can lobby Apple to make automatic scrolling a system-wide feature. Until then, be sure to give it a try in Accordance.

I Agree!

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