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Wednesday, July 18, 2007  


Yesterday, I compared the cost to upgrade Accordance with that of a Bible program which is positioned as a low-cost solution. My point was that Accordance upgrades are not only a greater value, but are even a little cheaper. In the process though, I let some of my Mac biases (not to mention my Accordance biases) slip out in a critical comment about this other program's interface. Mind you, I didn't name or link to this program, but there are so few Mac Bible programs out there it wasn't hard to figure out which one I was talking about.

In the comments on that post, one user felt that I was out of line to criticize another program on Accordance's official blog, and he is probably right. I was feeling pretty guilty about it until this afternoon, when I received yet another e-mail offer from this developer (I told you I get these things once or twice a week!). Prominently featured was the following blurb:

[Name deleted] was created from the ground up to be a truly native OS-X application. You won't need to purchase a set of tutorial videos.

Ouch! That hits a little close to home! I had to laugh and think, "Touché! I guess we're even!"

That's not to say I think this advertisement was written in response to yesterday's blog post; I'm sure the ad was designed before that. But the timing of the ad sure helped ease my guilt! :-)

The ad went on to state:

Any Mac user interested in Bible reading, Bible study, sermon preparation, or teaching, will quickly discover how easy the program is to use. [Name deleted] is the most intuitive and Mac-embracing Bible study software on the market.

All this talk of interface, along with the previous discussion I had with an anonymous commenter about the way Accordance handles tagged versus untagged texts, has gotten me thinking about something I wrote years ago on the subject of "ease of use." Thanks to Spotlight (which, by the way, I don't find particularly easy to use!) I was able to find it gathering dust somewhere on my hard drive.

I was surprised to discover that it was a post I had made to CMUG's Mac Ministry e-mail list way back in 1998. When a question arose as to whether Accordance or the leading shareware program at the time was easier to use, some said Accordance, while others said the shareware program. It became clear to me that each group of users was describing different aspects of ease of use, so I tried to clarify the discussion by looking at those various aspects. This little treatise on ease of use needs to be edited and brought up to date, but I think you'll find it helpful and informative. Give me a day or two to clean it up, and I'll post it here.

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