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Wednesday, August 08, 2007  

Amplifying Outside of Accordance

In Accordance, amplifying is the process of automatically searching for any text you select. If I select a word in the text of the Bible, and then choose a commentary or dictionary from the Resource palette, that resource I choose will automatically be searched for the word I selected. Alternatively, I can control-click on a word and use the Search For, Search In, or Look Up options to search various resources for that word.

But what if I want to broaden my search a little more? What if I want to search the web for a selected word? What if I want to search the files on my computer for that word? If you're using OS X, you can go to the Services menu in the Accordance menu and choose options like Search with Google or Spotlight. These services can even be invoked with handy keyboard shortcuts.

Using Services like these, you can extend the amplifying capabilities of Accordance to the web or the desktop.

Thanks for the tip. FYI, Firefox is my default browser, but when you use the services menu in this tip, Safari is opened.

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