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Friday, August 10, 2007  

Anne of Avonlea in Accordance?

A while back, I read the book Anne of Green Gables to my kids, and we all (including the boys and myself) thoroughly enjoyed it. We were eager to continue with the sequel, Anne of Avonlea, so I went to the Project Gutenberg web-site and downloaded the e-text.

I had no desire to read from the raw e-text, so I did some basic html formatting using a text editor and imported the text into Accordance as a User Tool. I could now specify whatever font I wanted, use the auto-scroll feature as an aid in reading, and even search the text if we needed to look back at something we had previously read. All of these things (except the auto-scroll) could easily be done in most word processors, but for some reason, I found reading from within Accordance more enjoyable. (Perhaps because I use it all the time?)

At any rate, I now have Anne of Avonlea available from within Accordance. Who knows, maybe someday I'll use it to find a suitable illustration for teaching. I've done the same thing with other e-texts, such as Edgar Rice Burroughs' various Tarzan adventures. Granted, these kinds of books are not exactly an integral part of my Bible study, but it's nice to have a convenient place to store them and a pleasant environment for reading them.

I'm enjoying the recent posts, but has the ease-of-use series been abandoned, or just put on hiatus? Looking forward to the rest of it.

Truth be told, I've got about three such series that I've begun and never finished! I keep dabbling with the next post in the ease of use series, but haven't had the time to finish it. Maybe I'll get some time over the weekend. . .

Thanks for keeping after me!

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