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Wednesday, August 22, 2007  

Learning the Lingo

Many seminaries around the country are already beginning classes, and it can be a daunting experience for many new students. For someone like myself, who did not grow up with a strong church background, I heard fellow students tossing out theological terms and religious lingo which I had never heard before. Not wanting to appear stupid, I wasn't about to ask them what a "paedobaptist" is or what "Pelagianism" is. My solution was to buy a reference work called the New Dictionary of Theology. Whenever I stumbled across a theological term, figure, or movement I wasn't familiar with, I would look it up in this resource and find a fairly balanced discussion of its meaning and significance.

When I started working for Accordance, I dreamed of one day getting this valuable resource as an Accordance module, so I was delighted when I learned that it would be included in the Essential IVP Reference Collection. That, along with the pocket dictionaries of Biblical Studies, New Testament Greek, Theological Terms, and Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion, are a great help to new seminarians trying to learn the "lingo."

I've talked about the Essential IVP Reference Collection before, because it contains about $450 worth of IVP Reference Works for just $119 (at the current sale price). That works out to about $10 per volume for dictionaries and commentaries which typically go for about $40 a piece in print. That makes the IVP Collection one of the best values we offer—perfect for cash-strapped seminarians trying to look like they know what everyone's talking about!

my only question is when you're going to update it to include the many new dictionaries that IVP has put out since this was released...????

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