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Friday, September 14, 2007  

Apple, Accordance, and the Dead Sea Scrolls

In the education section of its web-site, Apple features "Education profiles"—stories of students and educators who have successfully used Apple technology in teaching and research. Check out this profile entitled Macs Underpin Dead Sea Scrolls Project.

While mostly about Apple and the Mac, the article does make the following mention of Accordance:

Once the Mac platform had been selected, and editorial guidelines prepared, Professor Tov's team selected Accordance — an advanced biblical studies software tool developed specifically for the Mac — as its main reference tool.

Sounds a bit like an afterthought doesn't it? As though the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project chose the Mac purely on its own merits and then decided to use Accordance for its research. I won't claim that it was completely the other way around, but I can assure you that Accordance was a major factor in the decision of these scholars to use Macs rather than PCs. :-)

Anyway, enjoy the article (and the weekend!)

Without having any insider knowledge, I'm with you, David.

It's Accordance that really makes working with these sorts of documents easy, rather than merely the Mac platform.

What other software would they have used?

Well, as an Apple developer for many years, I can attest to the fact that what you've just seen is about as much recognition as you'll ever get in an Apple-published story! :) That's okay though. Store up your treasures in Heaven while making the best Bible software here on earth.

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