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Monday, September 03, 2007  

New Module: The Complete Gathered Gold

Activity and theology are no substitutes for God. —John Blanchard

I've always loved pithy quotes and memorable sayings, so I'm excited about our newest Accordance module: The Complete Gathered Gold by Evangelical Press.

Over twenty years ago, John Blanchard compiled 'A treasury of quotations for Christians' called Gathered Gold. It was so well received that it had to be reprinted several times and augmented by two further volumes, More Gathered Gold and Sifted Silver. The Complete Gathered Gold, published in 2006, collected all of this material into one volume and added another thousand quotations. It now contains around 16,000 quotations, organized into 600 distinct topics.

The print edition of The Complete Gathered Gold retails for $49.99, but the Accordance module can be downloaded for just $30. And for the month of September, we're offering it at an introductory price of just $25. That's half the price of the print edition for a module that can be searched by topic, content, Scripture reference, and author.

Now, in honor of Labor Day, I'll leave with a few choice quotes about work:

Too many Christians worship their work, work at their play and play at their worship. —Anon.

No race can prosper until it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem. —Booker T. Washington

No labour is servile when the Lord’s approval is the paramount consideration. —Geoffrey B. Wilson

As its title suggests, there's a tremendous amount of gold to be mined here, and Accordance takes all the "labor" out of it. Enjoy!

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