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Friday, October 26, 2007  

Accordance Bible Software Updated for Leopard

Today Apple is officially releasing its newest operating system, OS X 10.5 (aka "Leopard") with some 300 new features and the now customary interface overhaul.

We've been testing for any incompatibilities with Leopard, and found only one: Leopard messed up the look of the tabs in our tabbed workspace. We've now released a free update of Accordance which fixes the tab issue in Leopard (and updates the look of the tabs in both Leopard and Tiger).

New Look of Tabs in Leopard

New Look of Tabs in Tiger

In addition to improved Leopard compatibility, Accordance 7.4 fixes a number of minor bugs, so this update is for you even if you're not upgrading to Leopard just yet. You can download Accordance 7.4 here. It's free to all users of version 7 or above.

Update: Thanks to Rick Mansfield for the Leopard screenshot. I'm still behind the times!

David, I just installed Leopard and the first thing I did was fire up Accordance. Everything seems to be working fine.

However, your screenshot reveals that you are NOT running Leopard since you've got pinstripes and they are GONE in Leopard!

Thanks for pointing that out, Rick, so Leopard users will know they'll get the new look. I should have done a Leopard screenshot, but I haven't installed it yet.

As Rick mentioned, all is indeed looking good and running well, especially with the new update! Check out how I am using the new Leopard feature of Spaces with Accordance: http://targuman.org/blog/.

Hi David, I know you are probably sick of hearing this question, but do you have any sort of update for us on a 'universal' update? DG

The Intel version is coming along nicely and is running as an alpha version. It's not quite ready for beta testing, but is on schedule for release in the first half of 2008.

Wonderful! Thanks, Helen.

Hi David. Thanks for this update. After installing this update, however, I found that my Accordance widget is not working. Any idea what the problem is? Thanks!

The update is nice! One comment on the new tabs. What might be even better than the current setup is to make Safari style tabs. The current tabs aren't connected to the window nor the resource text (as the old ones were) they're just floating on the tab bar, which is a little confusing. Safari style tabs would look really neat & clean & feel a little less confusing, if possible. Since some Leopard apps are adding the Safari style tabs to their apps, it'd look great in Accordance!

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