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Tuesday, November 27, 2007  

Casting NETS and devouring Swete's

Last Wednesday I mentioned that our success at the annual meetings of ETS and SBL was driven by a host of new products being released for the first time. One of those was the New English Translation of the Septuagint (NETS), which we are proud to make available in conjunction with its publication in print. It's not often we get to release an electronic edition of a text at the same time as the print edition, but Oxford University Press graciously enabled us to do it.

NETS is important because it is the first English translation of the Septuagint since that of Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton in the mid-1800's. As such, NETS benefits from advancements in Greek lexicography and a broader textual base than was available to nineteenth-century translators like Brenton.

The SBL conference saw a steady stream of NETS editors and translators stopping by the booth to see our implementation of their work. Without exception, they were excited to see their translation on computer and impressed with its integration with the tagged Septuagint and other translations.

In addition to NETS, those interested in Septuagint studies also benefited from the release of Swete's edition of the Septuagint, complete with textual apparatus. Fully grammatically tagged, this older alternative to Rahlf's edition currently includes the Pentateuch, and will continually be expanded until complete. Whenever we publish a work-in-progress like this, any future updates to the module are included in the purchase price, so early adopters are never penalized.

I have to confess that, as a non-scholar, I sometimes wonder how much appeal specialized texts like these will actually have. Then I get to SBL and see the excitement which these resources actually generate. For those interested in Septuagint studies or textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible, the NETS translation and Swete's edition are exciting additions to the Accordance product line.

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