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Thursday, December 20, 2007  

Accordance and the HCSB

The Holman Christian Standard Bible is a relatively new translation which I have personally found to strike a good balance between English readability and fidelity to the original Greek and Hebrew. It also happens to have been developed with the assistance of Accordance. At various stages in the translation process, we provided the translation team with an Accordance module of the HCSB they could search and analyze.

Blogger Will Lee has posted a fascinating interview with Ed Blum, the general editor of the HCSB. The way Blum rattles off translation statistics, one gets the impression he has been using Accordance extensively! He also makes brief mention of Accordance.

Rick Mansfield has also posted a summary of Blum's interview on his own blog. Both posts are well worth checking out.

David, Blum made more than passing reference to Accordance. He had wonderful things to say about Accordance, but it was irrelevant to the discussion, so it got cut in the editing. He's a big fan! Thanks for the link, too.

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