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Friday, December 07, 2007  

Not only in the Caribbean

Software piracy is a fact of life and will probably stay with us for a long time. Accordance has always tried to avoid harrassment of our users so that they can install on new computers without problems, and without being on-line or needing to call for a new code, and we do not require the physical CD each time the program is run.

We always hoped that in the field of Bible study we could rely on the honesty of our users, but it seems this is not the case. We know that people share their installation codes with others, give away older copies of CDs that they have upgraded, and sell their computer with software installed, without officially transferring the license. None of this is legal.

We do attempt to verify that a new user has a legally purchased and licensed copy. We try to be nice about it, so please do not be upset if you are asked how you came about your CDs and codes. Unlock codes can only be purchased from us, which is why we will ask you if you do not show up on our database. It is up to the buyer of secondhand software to make sure first that the license will be transferred. We understand that some of the software sold on ebay is actually stolen.

In general we will not accept new owners of old software unless we can verify that they legally own it.

Piracy hurts us all, since it deprives the copyright holders and developers of the resources needed for further development.

For more details please see our posted policy on piracy.

Hi Helen,

I was actually just wondering about this recently. I purchased Accordance and have never really used it. There is a theology student I know who could really make use of it.

I'd like to give him my license. Is there a way for me to do that? Do I just change the my account info on your site? Or should he create an account and you guys somehow transfer it from my account to his account.

I will, of course, destroy my local copies of the software and discontinue use of Accordance.

Oaktree's anti-piracy policy is admirable for its non-invasive methods, and deserves utmost respect. It is also very clearly written. I do have a question that is related, however. I have two daughters who have used Accordance a little bit on my computer in our home (and a third younger daughter who I hope to entice with it when she grows older). But now it will not be long before the older two go off to college and leave our home. Before they go, perhaps when they are ready to purchase their own computers, I would like to purchase for each of them a basic Accordance bundle for their own. For example, I'm thinking that given their different interests, I would want to buy Library 7 for one daughter and the Scholars package for the other. Has there been any consideration at OakTree about providing a family-gift discount on either the Library 7 or Scholars packages that would apply either while they are still living at home and/or so long as they are under a certain age? This would be very another very generous gesture toward encouraging the use of Accordance among multiple users in the same household when those users begin to use different computers. And it would encourage the adoption of Accordance by young people who will then be more likely to become paying customers in the future. In general, what are the pros and cons of this idea from your perspective? Do you have any advice for parents contemplating how to encourage the use of Accordance by their children? Thanks.

Helen and the Accordance team: As an end user, I think your licensing policies are terrific! It makes using your sofware headache-free. (And, I completely agree that you should question new user's licneses.) Keep up the great work!

Les: I am sorry you are not using Accordance yourself. You may email or call the office to transfer your license, and that will be perfectly legal.

Anonymous: We are often asked about family licenses, but do not have one as yet. We may look into the idea. For large (3 people) families we offer the site license, but this implies that the computers and software belong to the family, not to the individual. For your daughters I suggest you take advantage of the educational discount.

Hey Helen,

in you post you said, "Unlock codes can only be purchased from us..." That's not completely accurate. For example, my wife works for InterVarsity and through IVpress purchased for me the IV collection, so the disk and "codes", though there were none to enter, came from IV. Zondervan sells the Expositors Commentary for Accordance, as does CBD... also, as a long time user i initially purchased through the gramcord institute and had purchased stuff through them, etc... i guess i'm trying to fully understand the comment...

also, i have a stack of old accordance discs. do y'all want them back or how should we dispose of them?


Yes, GRAMCORD used to sell the codes for us, but that was years ago, and we certainly accept any codes purchased from them. The other sellers and resellers of Accordance can sell only packages which do not require codes or have the codes included inside the package. Thus you may buy the Scholar's Core Bundle, or a level of the Library 7 from a bookstore or online reseller, and receive a code for that level. However, individual unlocks including now the Expositors Bible Commentary, can only be ordered from us.

Old CD-ROMs should simply be discarded, as long as you are sure that all the modules you need are also on your newer CDs. Please do not send them to us.

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