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Monday, January 07, 2008  

Bible Speaks Today New Testament Now Available

I'm pleased to announce the release of the Bible Speaks Today–New Testament commentary from InterVarsity Press.

The equivalent of twenty-two print volumes, the Bible Speaks Today–NT covers every book of the New Testament, with an additional volume devoted to the Sermon on the Mount. Edited by Alec Motyer, John Stott, and Derek Tidball, BST is designed to be Biblically accurate, readable to a modern audience, and relevant to contemporary life. BST is therefore not a technical commentary like Word or the NIGTC, but a practical exposition and application of the text. When one reads through this commentary, one gets the impression that the authors are certainly aware of all the technical issues and that they have wrestled with those issues in the background, but they don't get bogged down in those details when it comes to elucidating a passage's meaning and application.

Perhaps best of all, BST is one of the most affordable commentary sets we offer. It lists for just $115, but for a limited time, you can get it at the introductory price of just $92.

Oh, David, David, David! This is just too tempting! I love the BST series. I have about 1/3 of them in print, but I'm going to have to think seriously about getting this set. Searchable BST! Oy!

I was looking through my print BST's, and I wondered - are you working on the OT as well? What about the theological commentaries, like "The Message of Heaven and Hell" and "The Message of Creation"?

I just purchased this set on Nov. 7 for $92.00 for Logos because it wasn't available for Accordance. Any chance there's a way to upgrade to the Accordance version???

Also, is there any way to know what's due to be released in the next several months so this doesn't happen again. I would much rather have modules for Accordance when they're available.

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