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Thursday, January 24, 2008  

A Cracked Crystal Ball

For quite some time now, my family and I have been hunting for a new house. Our realtor is an interesting guy who has a saying or aphorism for just about any situation. One of his favorites is that he has a "cracked crystal ball." In other words, he can tell us what he thinks is likely to happen with the Orlando real-estate market, but he can't guarantee anything.

Recently, someone left the following comment on my post announcing the release of The Bible Speaks Today New Testament Commentary:

I just purchased this set on Nov. 7 for $92.00 for Logos because it wasn't available for Accordance. Any chance there's a way to upgrade to the Accordance version???

Also, is there any way to know what's due to be released in the next several months so this doesn't happen again. I would much rather have modules for Accordance when they're available.

First, let me address the issue of cross-grades. There are many modules which are now available for both Accordance and various Windows Bible programs. For those who own the Windows version of a module, it would be nice if they could upgrade to the Accordance version at less than full price. We have actually been trying to negotiate such a policy with the various copyright holders of such "shared" resources, but have been unsuccessful in making it happen. We'll keep trying, but at this point I'm doubtful that we'll ever be able to offer cross-grades. To recoup the costs of a module for another program, it looks like your best bet will be to sell it on eBay. Sorry I don't have better news on that front.

With respect to knowing what modules we're about to release so you don't make the mistake of buying a competing product, I'm afraid I can only offer you a cracked crystal ball. In general, we don't pre-announce products because we don't want to make promises we might not be able to keep. However, if a Windows vendor offers a resource from a publisher we have a good relationship with, it's a pretty safe bet that an Accordance version is not far behind. We have a great relationship with publishers like IVP, Eerdmann's, Zondervan, Hendricksen, Galaxie, to name just a few, and we're establishing new partnerships all the time.

If you're wondering about a specific title, there's a section of our User Forums where you can post feature or module requests. Ask us if the module you want is in the pipeline, and we'll usually give you a very vague estimate of how long it will be before it's released. Tell us you're thinking about buying a competing version of that module, and you're almost sure to get an answer! ;-)

As I said, we're pretty wary of making promises we can't keep, so we play things a little close to the vest. But if you need to make a purchasing decision, please contact us and ask us what we see in our crystal ball. It may be cracked, but it's better than nothing.

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