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Thursday, January 17, 2008  

From the MacWorld Show Floor

I'm writing this from the MacWorld show floor and the doors open in about ten minutes, but I wanted to share a few quick tidbits.

As usual, I've enjoyed meeting several enthusiastic readers of this blog, along with others with whom I've exchanged e-mails. It's always great to connect a face with someone I've met via the ether.

I've been too busy at the booth to do more than just stroll by the Apple booth, but the MacBook Air is definitely the coolest-looking laptop I've ever seen. Now if I can just find the time to play with one of the demo models.

BareFeats.com listed the Accordance booth as one of the "hot" booths to see. Perhaps I should make identifying the source of "God helps those who help themselves" the subject of a future Accordance blog "challenge."

In terms of brushes with celebrity, I haven't seen Steve Jobs, but I have seen actor/comedian Sinbad walking the floor.

Most unusual MacWorld moment? That would have to be when the woman with the plunging neckline offered the services of her "marketing company." Apparently she has several attractive "booth babes" who could help draw crowds to our booth. I know sex sells, but I'm not sure it would be an appropriate marketing strategy for Bible software!

Well, the doors are opening, so I'd better sign off.

"With their study tools, you can become as glib as Mike Huckabee."

Oh man. That is rich. Perhaps you guys should think about adding this to your purpose statement.

Sincerely kidding,


I worked several years in the trade show display industry. In that busness these workers are called "Booth Bimbos". They are smart enough to act dumb enough to cause anyone to fall for anything. Not exactly Conquest through Grace.

To see both Mac and Bible Study at trade shows is encouraging, aint it?

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