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Monday, February 25, 2008  

Shortcuts and Timesavers, Part 1

Whenever I do a training seminar, it's always interesting to me how excited people get over basic shortcuts and timesavers. Few people will use the construct window to create complex grammatical searches, but everyone likes to save time and streamline their workflow. Here are the first in a series of tips that should help you do just that.

Launch Accordance Faster. Whenever you launch Accordance, you're presented with a splash screen containing the program's lamp logo and copyright information. This stays on the screen for a second or two to give you time to read it. But let's face it, once you've seen it once you don't need to see it again. You can do two things to dismiss this splash screen more quickly so that you can get busy studying the Bible. First, you can simply click on the splash screen to dismiss it as soon as it appears and move straight on to your default startup. Even better, you can turn the splash screen off altogether. To do this, simply go to Preferences, select the General settings, and check the box which reads "Suppress opening splash screen." The next time you launch Accordance, you'll go straight to your default startup and shave a couple seconds off the launch time.

Open new modules faster. Whenever you open a new text or tool in Accordance, a window appears showing the copyright information for that text. Again, you are given a second or two so that you actually have time to read it. This copyright info only appears once per session, so if you open Easton's Bible Dictionary ten times during a session, the copyright info will only appear the first time. Still, if you ask me, that's one time too many. So turn it off by going to the General Preferences and checking the box labeled "Suppress opening text information."

Close windows faster. Whenever you close a window in Accordance, Accordance asks you if you would like to save the contents of that window. If you always decline to save your windows, why be bothered with that annoying alert? Again, you can go to the General Preferences and check "Suppress save warning for all windows."

If you haven't taken advantage of these options, I'd encourage you to do so. I'll cover more timesavers and shortcuts in upcoming posts.

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