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Wednesday, March 12, 2008  

Shortcuts and Timesavers, Part 3

This third installment in our series on shortcuts and timesavers will focus on ways to speed up the entry of a search argument.

Use command-;. The keyboard shortcut command-; will toggle between word searches and verse searches, enabling you to switch to a different kind of searching without lifting your hands from the keyboard.

Use the tab key. The tab key automatically selects the contents of the argument entry box, enabling you to begin typing a new search right away. Any previous search will be replaced with the new search you enter.

Remember shift-command for search commands. If you want to use Boolean commands like AND, OR, and NOT, proximity commands like WITHIN, or more sophisticated stand-alone commands like COUNT or HITS, you'll find them all listed in the Enter Command submenu of the Search menu. Selecting a command from the menu will insert that command into your search argument.

When you look at the menu, you'll notice that they all use keyboard shortcuts involving the shift and command keys. We have reserved the shift-command keyboard combinations for search commands, so that you'll have easy to remember shortcuts for inserting all these commands. If you can remember shift-command, the rest is easy: A for AND, O for OR, N for NOT, W for WITHIN, etc. Okay, B for FOLLOWED BY and U for COUNT are not quite so obvious, but that's only because we had already used F for FIELD and C for CONTENTS. At any rate, using these keyboard shortcuts is the quickest way to enter these commands into your search arguments, and if you can remember shift-command, they'll soon become second nature.

Use the return key. Hitting the return key after you enter a search is the same as clicking the OK button beside the argument entry box: it will cause Accordance to perform the search and display the results. By hitting the tab key to select the argument entry box, typing your search terms and using shift-command shortcuts to insert search commands, and hitting return to perform the search, you can enter and perform most searches without ever taking your hands away from the keyboard.

Your searches are History. The History pop-up just above the OK button keeps a running history of all the searches you've performed. It even remembers whether the search was for verses or for words. Going back to a search you entered previously is as simple as selecting it from the pop-up menu.

Hopefully at least one of these tips will help you streamline and speed up your Accordance workflow.

Great list. This one finally got to some things I didn't already know. Thanks!

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