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Friday, June 06, 2008  

It's Quiet, Too Quiet

After blogging every day last week, I've somehow managed to let this one nearly slip by without a single post. Sorry about that. The reason I've been so quiet is that we've been so busy.

First, we've already released a free update to Accordance 8. Accordance 8.0.1 fixes a number of minor bugs that were discovered once Accordance 8 was released.

We used the transition to Universal as an opportunity to make sweeping updates to the Accordance codebase, which has been in constant development since the early nineties. Making all those low-level changes will help us to adapt to the future of Mac OS X, but there's always the risk that you'll introduce major bugs into a program which has been remarkably stable. Knowing that, we beta-tested version 8 more thoroughly than we have any previous version, and I'm very pleased to say that it seems to have paid off. The bugs which were fixed in version 8.0.1 were all relatively minor, and many of you probably haven't even run across them yet. Nevertheless, you'll want to download 8.0.1 if you haven't already.

Second, we've been busy finishing up the next major upgrade to our primary packages. For the first time ever, we'll be releasing our two primary collections—the Accordance Library and the Accordance Scholar's Collection—on a single DVD. The new Scholar's Collection will feature new bundles designed to offer better value at a variety of price points; while Library 8 will include additional Bibles, modern dictionaries and commentaries, artistic reconstructions, and lots of other cool stuff. The new DVD should be ready soon, and I'll tell you more about the package upgrades then.

Finally, we've been busy working on the new web-site design. As if releasing a new version of the program and new packages wasn't enough, we also decided to do a major redesign of the Accordance web-site. So far, we've gotten very positive feedback on the new look and improved navigation, but we're still tweaking things and updating pages.

Whew! I'm getting tired just talking about everything we've been up to in the past week. Once I catch up on some lost sleep, I'll be back next week to talk more about the INFER command and other new features of Accordance 8.

What are some of the differences in the Library/Scholar 7 vs 8?


As I said, I'll give you more details once the DVD is ready for release (it won't be long). In a nutshell, Library 8 will offer more stuff and greater value than Library 7.

Your demo of Accordance 8 was cool!

As a long-time Accordance user I haven't even tapped into the power of Accordance...mostly because as a pastor I don't have the time to read the pdf manual, etc. So I was pleased to see the features in action in the demo.

I purchased the training DVD, but I think Accordance will help itself by publishing more "Free" online tutorials showing how to use the software similar to that of your demo.

Perhaps a series of short video tutorials could be placed on the website. These tutorials could be developed with the user groups in mind. For example:
Academics (Teachers & Researchers), Students, Pastors & Laymen. Each user group has typical kinds of things they could use Accordance for but don't bc they either don't know about them or they don't know how to use those functions.

Lynda.com has a huge client base simply bc many people learn by watching and by repetition. I happen to be one of those kind of learners. And while I'm not suggesting Accordance employ Lynda.com, I am suggesting that more tutorials be offered to your users. Many of Mac-users use the Mac because it is very, very easy to use and understand. Accordance is easy to use when the user understands and knows how to perform a task. This is where more video tutorials could be a great help.

The principle in my mind is this:
make Accordance an indispensable part of everyday life for a minister & layman (easy to use & necessary to use) and you'll have a customer for life.

Thanks for considering my suggestion to offer more online video tutorials.

Here's a blog review of Accord 8 with BW & Logos that deserves a response from Accordance folks--and probably also some consideration as the revised libraries on DVD are considered!


I've already seen it and responded.


Regarding "the new web-site design", I would much more rather see you guys update your scanty pics & info w/detailed pics and much more explanatory info. (think Logos &/or BibleWorks) for ALL your modules!

Please seriously consider these things and ask the webmaster to update w/these two much needed requests. THANKS!

P.S. I LOVE V.8!

Sounds like great news. Hope the upgrade price remains the same. ;-)

I am eagerly anticipating the news

Have I missed something on the site. I was looking at buying the scholar's collection, but you now seem to have dropped Rahlfs LXX completely. Is this an error or are you no longer making it available?

It was an error and I believe it is now corrected. Thanks for the heads up.

This is not related to current topic but, is there any chance of iPhone/iPod Touch version?

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