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Tuesday, June 10, 2008  

Library 8 and Scholar's 8 Now Available

I'm very excited to announce the release of our new Primary Collection 8 DVD, which features new Library and Scholar's Collections.

Before I tell you about all the new modules in our two primary collections, let me tell you a little about the DVD itself. The Primary Collection DVD offers all the material in the Library and Scholar's collections, along with all the material formerly on the Bible Unlock and Bible Reference CD-ROMs, all on one convenient disc. Not only is there no longer any need to insert similar-looking discs to install, but our new unified Intel-native installer makes installation much easier. Rather than picking from a long list of options, you simply enter the unlock codes you've purchased, and Accordance automatically builds the list of packages and modules to install.

Okay, easier installation is nice but it's not very sexy (can I use that term on a blog about Bible software?), so let's talk about the new stuff.

The new Library 8 adds new Bibles and high-quality modern reference works at every level. In fact, we've even added a new level at the low end. The new Entry level is just $59 and includes everything you need for basic English Bible study. When you consider that the cost to download the Accordance 8 application is $49, an extra ten bucks gets you a nice little suite of study tools.

With respect to improving the existing levels of the Library, we chose to focus on adding up-to-date volumes of widely recognized value. The new Library 8 Introductory level therefore includes the New Living Translation, Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Life Application Study Bible, Experiencing God, and Experiencing God Day by Day, along with classic devotionals like F. B. Meyer's Daily Homily and Bagster's Daily Light on the Daily Path.

The new Library 8 Standard Level adds the English Standard Version with Strong's, along with the corresponding Greek Keys and Hebrew Keys dictionaries. The ESVS is a work in progress: the tagging of the New Testament is complete while the tagging of the Old Testament is still in the preliminary stages. Still, the ESVS now makes it possible to explore, search, and highlight the original Greek and Hebrew behind the ESV.

In addition to the ESVS, the Standard Level adds Renn's Expository Dictionary of Bible Words, The Bible Knowledge Commentary, and The Holman Book of Biblical Maps, Charts, and Reconstructions, along with Christianity and Ethics, A History of American Christianity, and Berkhof's Summary of Christian Doctrine.

The Premier level adds the Holman Christian Standard Bible, Keil & Delitzsch's 10-volume Commentary on the Old Testament, and Hendricksen's 18-volume New International Biblical Commentary on the New Testament. Also included in the Premier are selected works of John Owen, Andrew Murray, F. B. Meyer, and A. W. Pink.

The new Scholar's 8 now offers varying levels of content like the Library, and each level lets you choose to unlock one, two, or three modern Bibles.

The Scholar's Introductory Level is aimed at the budget-conscious student who needs a tagged Greek New Testament, tagged Hebrew Bible, some basic lexicons, and a few English Bibles.

The Scholar's Standard is a step up from the previous Scholar's Core Bundle, offering an additional unlockable Bible along with A. T. Robertson's massive Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research, Trench's Synonyms of the New Testament, Deissmann's Bible Studies, Burton's Syntax of the Moods and Tenses in New Testament Greek, and William Scott's Simplified Guide to the BHS.

The Scholar's Premier Level adds the tagged Septuagint with Brenton's English translation, Spicq's Theological Lexicon of the New Testament, Jenni-Westermann's Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament, Steven's Greek grammar, Ross's Hebrew grammar, plus your choice of an additional modern English Bible.

While we don't offer huge everything-but-the-kitchen-sink packages, we do offer bundle prices if you buy the Library Intro with Scholar's Intro, Library Standard with Scholar's Standard, and Library Premier with Scholar's Premier. The Premier bundle costs just $559 and includes the equivalent of $9620 worth of print resources!

We're very excited about this latest upgrade to the Library and Scholar's packages. In this post, I've only mentioned some of the new modules in passing. In upcoming posts, I'll discuss them in more detail.

Wonderful options!!!

Here's a question on the new tagged ESV. I have the ESV now. If I upgrade to the tagged ESVS, will my highlights in the current ESV transfer over to the tagged ESVS? If I later upgrade to the complete ESVS once it is finished, will highlights made to the current ESVS transfer over to the completed ESVS? Thanks,

PS: Is the ESVS available as a download?


No, I'm sorry but word highlights will not transfer over to the ESVS, only verse highlighting.

No, none of the new modules are available for download at present.

Okay so when do you all sleep?

Thanks for all your hard work!

Mostly -- we don't. ;-)

I don't have your product yet. If I buy the Premier bundle now, I won't have it to use since none of the new modules are available yet? Please clarify. Thanks.

The Premier Bundle size is 2500 MB. Can I run all of this from the hard drive or I have to have the DVD in my DVD player all the time?

All the new modules are available on the DVD which is now shipping. You can and should install all the modules onto your hard drive so that you do not need to keep the DVD in the drive.

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