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Tuesday, June 24, 2008  

The Many Faces of Accordance

Over on the Accordance User Forums, someone posted a screenshot of how he has Accordance set to start up, and asked others to do the same. The series of screenshots supplied has been fascinating, and I've been amazed at the variety of looks and arrangements. After following the thread for a while now, here are a few of my own observations:

First, it's remarkable how many people are already making extensive use of the new background color and leading options. Some even have alternating panes with lighter and darker background shades of the same color. It's a cool look, though I imagine it would force you to keep displaying your texts in a certain order.

It's also interesting to see the various ways people choose to display the Resource palette. A lot of people prefer the horizontal orientation, and while most put the horizontal Resource palette at the top of the screen, a few place it at the bottom. Most people who have posted screenshots seem to prefer the icon buttons, but some have chosen the text button option. If you haven't discovered these options yet, you can set them in the Appearance settings of the Preferences dialog.

The position and orientation of other palettes, like the Instant Details Box, the Highlight palette, and the Text Palette, were also interesting to see. Since the Highlight palette can be oriented vertically or horizontally, people used it in a variety of shapes, sizes, and locations. Likewise the Instant Details box was sometimes placed at the top of the screen, stretched across the full width of the bottom, or even hidden using the Auto-fade option.

Most people seemed to use a single workspace, but a few people chose to have a main workspace and separate windows side-by-side or tiled on screen. I don't think I saw anyone using more than one workspace window, but it can certainly be done.

A wide variety of fonts was used, and it made for some very attractive looks. I am sometimes amazed that something as simple as changing the font is still difficult or even impossible in other Bible programs. It's a simple change that can make a huge visual impact.

As an Accordance developer, I sometimes wonder if our users are actually discovering and using all of the various options available to them. It's gratifying to see that many of our users are going beyond the default settings and window arrangements to tailor Accordance to their specific needs. If you're still looking at black text on a white background with underlined verse references, be sure to check out this thread and draw inspiration from the many faces of Accordance.


We have still yet to see your start-up page. As a developer, it might be in a constant state of change, but if you had to set one up, what would it look like?



I'm afraid you'd be disappointed. I have my default startup set to Last Session, so that Accordance starts up with whatever I had open when I last quit the program. This enables me, when I'm in the early stages of building a new module, to test it, recompile it, and relaunch Accordance to see the changes right away. I'll try to come up with something more instructive for you soon.

Boy, I must be in a real minority!

Most people seemed to use a single workspace,

I am also apparently more sloppy than most people. I preach three sermons a week--Sun. morning and evening, and Wed. I have a workspace for each, which is an ongoing study in a different part of the Bible. Not only that, but I also have multiple sessions saved as snapshots, in case I need to go back, but also, when I finish a study, I save that workspace separately. Mine is a bit messy, and it gets worse, because sometimes, Accordance randomly decides to replace the wrong recyclable tab in the wrong workspace. That gets frustrating, but it happens. Also, each workspace is also quite fluid--so much so that I don't bother naming my tabs. So, in comparison to those posted, mine's a mess! (Just like my physical desk, I guess) I don't think I'll be posting my Accordance windows. ;-)


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